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Women’s Month: How Savvy Brands Market to Women

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] As part of our celebration of International Women’s Month, we asked our own Intrinzic team the perspective on how some of their favorite brands are marketing to women effectively. Click on the individual links below to learn more about each brand we think is best-in-class. Emily Kennedy, Sr. Content Strategist and Courtney Rogers, Director, Design Strategy Athleta Emily: One of my favorite women-focused brands is Athleta. They always feature models in their catalogues who are real athletes, who come in all ages, sizes, skin colors, from all backgrounds and fitness levels. I feel like they are truly building a movement around movement - that...
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci
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Five ways to build brand authenticity in a changed marketplace

Uncertainty is all around us. Most of us, people and companies, have never lived through a global event like the coronavirus and we have no template for navigating the path forward. But there is one thing that helps set a North Star in turbulent, uncertain times and that is truth, authenticity and the willingness to put our true-self out there. This is a reality for individuals and for brands. In today’s world, that relationship between customers and brands has changed and the customer expects more than just a simple transaction — they demand to understand the beliefs, values and business practices of the companies that...
Posted by Dave Townsend
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Do you have the right messaging tools to pivot your marketing strategy?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The business world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Businesses have to be adaptable and flexible to survive the short-term and thrive in the long-term. Some businesses are adjusting what and how they deliver day-to-day, some are scrambling to be relevant in the changed marketplace, and some are having to rapidly innovate – changing their business model, strategy and overall go-to-market plan. All this change is necessary but will go unnoticed if your messaging does not keep pace. Communicating your new value to the marketplace is essential to capitalizing on the business decisions you are making. Informing and connecting with your key audiences...
Posted by Dave Townsend
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Creepy or Convenient:

Svedka Vodka is embracing the “creepy” this Halloween season in their latest “Banner Ad Curse” campaign. Exploiting the negative sentiment associated with online advertising, they are utilizing a tongue-in-cheek, data-driven approach to reach their target audience through videos and banners. If a user has engaged with Svedka, is engaged with the vodka category or is a data “look-a-like” with one of their customers, they’re likely being stalked by these ads and I love it. Svedka Vodka's "Banner Ad Curse" campaign. Why do I love this approach when razor companies, wedding vendors, food delivery services, investment companies, and jewelry are doing the same thing, following me...
Posted by Intrinzic
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Momentary marketing:

It is no doubt that social media has major influence over how we function in society today. It’s not just how we connect. It’s how we recruit and find jobs, how we date, and now, how we shop. I’m not just talking about clicking a sponsored ad on Facebook and going to your favorite retailer’s website. I am talking about momentary marketing. Momentary marketing is changing the way businesses retail their products and services by using temporary content social networks like Snapchat to offer special deals, coupons and price matching in real-time, on the spot. In a “limited time only” fashion, momentary marketing increases brand...
Posted by Katie Peters
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Attracting consumer attention and gaining trust:

By Kara Svenson, Marketing Communications Co-op Today, consumers are bombarded with information on a daily basis. It can be hard to break through the crowd to gain a consumer’s attention and trust. One effective way for brands and marketers to accomplish this is through influencer marketing. ### What is it? Influencer marketing involves leveraging the endorsement and audience reach of a person, brand or group that has clout with your target market. Endorsements can include writing a review, posting on social media and more. This “influencer” can have impact because of their experience and knowledge, reputation or following base. Some common influencers include bloggers, celebrities,...
Posted by Abby Otting


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