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Five ways to build brand authenticity in a changed marketplace

Uncertainty is all around us. Most of us, people and companies, have never lived through a global event like the coronavirus and we have no template for navigating the path forward. But there is one thing that helps set a North Star in turbulent, uncertain times and that is truth, authenticity and the willingness to put our true-self out there. This is a reality for individuals and for brands. In today’s world, that relationship between customers and brands has changed and the customer expects more than just a simple transaction — they demand to understand the beliefs, values and business practices of the companies that...
Posted by Dave Townsend

5 Tips on How to Get the Most out of Your Internship

This fall marks the start of a lot of great things in my life: the start of my senior year, the start of my study abroad experience to London, and the start of a new apartment lease with my best friend. It also marks the end of my internship here at Intrinzic, where I have spent three months shadowing the account team on day-to-day tasks. I’ve interned a few times before, but with this experience under my belt I’m ready to share some of the tips I’ve learned from the inimitable experience of professional practice. Note: These are my tips—right, wrong or indifferent—so please take...
Posted by Nathan Nye

Make Blog on WordPress Theme

In WordPress, your blog’s overall look (design) is determined by the theme you choose. When you first install WordPress, your self-hosted site uses a default theme that comes prepackaged with WordPress. Most people want to customize their design to make it their own.
Posted by Intrinzic


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