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Five ways to build brand authenticity in a changed marketplace

Uncertainty is all around us. Most of us, people and companies, have never lived through a global event like the coronavirus and we have no template for navigating the path forward. But there is one thing that helps set a North Star in turbulent, uncertain times and that is truth, authenticity and the willingness to put our true-self out there. This is a reality for individuals and for brands. In today’s world, that relationship between customers and brands has changed and the customer expects more than just a simple transaction — they demand to understand the beliefs, values and business practices of the companies that...
Posted by Dave Townsend
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Don’t Buy This Jacket

How Patagonia Provides a Map to Brand Authenticity For those who’ve never stepped foot in an REI store or aspire to climb a rock face, Patagonia is a brand of outdoor gear that traces its roots back to the 1970s, when it started making mountain climbing gear. The company has long supported environmental activism, and created waves with a strikingly honest 2011 Black Friday ad campaign suggesting that purchasing less stuff — including Patagonia products — could benefit the environment. The ad copy goes on to spell out what resources go into making one of its bestselling jackets, including 135 liters of water and 20...
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci
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To Make the News, Know the News:

There’s an old maxim in public relations that to make the news, you need to know the news. It remains true today—and it requires you (or your PR agency) to have a reporter’s mindset when looking for earned media opportunities. Living in an era of clickbait stories makes the work of a PR professional and the clients we serve more essential as we find ways to help reporters help us by delivering fresh insights through data and unique angles that build on the day’s headlines. To do this well, we’ve got to understand the goals of the writers and content producers to whom we’re pitching....
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci
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You Won’t Believe It!

If you were on social media at all during the months leading up to the election, you’ve probably seen it more than once. An attention-grabbing headline about one of the candidates and a link to an article from an official-sounding “news” outlet. But, the impact of fake news is defining the media landscape beyond politics. To put the phenomenon in context, fake news is nothing new. If we call fake news what it really is, propaganda, there are many examples of how it has been used to influence populations for years, including both sides of the WWII battle. Ed Bernays, who is often referred to...
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci
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Startup Success:

Were you part of the recording-breaking crowd that attended an [FC Cincinnati]( game this year? Cincinnati’s newest professional sports team seems to be taking the city by storm and is making its mark, [setting attendance records]( in its inaugural season that outshine even the major leagues. I’ve never played soccer, nor did I grow up around soccer fanatics, so to say that I know little about soccer is an understatement. I do find the organization and it’s success interesting though. Enough so that I thought it would be worth attending a FC Cincinnati session at [Cincinnati PRSA’s Media Day]( The football club’s President and General...
Posted by Abby Otting
Public Relations

The Integration Imperative:

There was a time when a PR professional could say: “I just do public relations” for this client or company. And maybe, back in the proverbial day, that was true. You could operate in a silo, faxing news releases to your carefully cultivated contacts at the newspaper, TV stations and magazines on your list, securing placements, calculating the ad equivalency, patting yourself on the back and sending a bill. That’s no longer the case. I was reminded by this fact at the [Cincinnati PRSA]( Media Day last week, where keynote speaker and industry colleague Aaron Perlut showed examples of amazing, disruptive campaigns that were successful...
Posted by Abby Otting
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Intrinzic Insightz:

At Intrinzic, we believe in keeping up with the latest industry trends and best practices. In celebration of [Book Lovers Day](, we asked the team to share their most inspiring business-minded books. Here's a list of those that rose to the top: > [The New Rules of Marketing & PR](, by David Meerman Scott - This book, now in its fifth edition, is a great primer on ways social media and PR can (and should!) be used together in any contemporary marketing campaign. The book shows how marketers can combine smart strategy with digital tactics to build their brands. It’s an easy-to-follow guide I’ve used...
Posted by Abby Otting


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