The Mask as Brand

What our new (and mandatory) accessory can say about us

As we slowly begin to leave our homes, we’re looking a little different as, depending on where you live, face masks are either required or highly recommended. The Intrinzic team spent some time (virtually) thinking about the masks and the potential they have to be a part of our personal brands. We’re sharing our thoughts (and masks) below.


Kristina, Content Strategist

“It’s no secret I’m all about comfy vibes, so the idea of strapping something to my face was not something I believed I could do every day (even though wfh has allowed for comfy clothes most days). So, I went with a Tultex mask that is 100% ring-spun cotton, washable, antimicrobial, all the good stuff plus super comfy. They basically turned their t-shirts into masks. They’re great. And, have cotton tie strings so no loop-the-loops around the ears which is nice!”


Savannah, Senior Designer

“The mask I wear is one I made from an old concert t-shirt that I don’t wear anymore. I was keeping the t-shirt for sentimental value, but I love that it got a second life and I get to wear it again!” 


Emily, Content Strategist

“My mom sewed masks for our whole family; she’s been a sewer and quilter for as long as I can remember. She went through her fabric stash to find remnant pieces to use for our masks. For me, she chose a wine-themed fabric. We enjoy going to wine tastings together and we often buy each other wine-themed gifts. I know we’re both looking forward to attending wine tastings together again!”


Michelle, Senior Account Manager

“In this crazy time, I turned to a hobby that provided some comfort and the only way I knew how to help. I’ve made and continue to make several masks for friends and family. With fabric and interfacing gathered from another project and a 60+year old sewing machine inherited from my grandmother in-hand, I’ve turned my dining room table into my work station. I have two masks that I wear, one Xavier Alumnae representing and the other for those fancier occasions like Target Drive ups.”


Rob, Sr. PR & Content Strategist

“I found my mask from a local woman who is selling them on Etsy and was able to select a snazzy gingham pattern – I hope it won’t create a moire pattern on my video calls! I wanted something that was a little more stylish than the “medical blue” disposable masks that will likely become ubiquitous during the next few weeks. Back when I had real meetings with clients, I’d use a pocket square to break up a blazer or sport coat. Perhaps the mask can be reused as a pocket square when all this is over!”


Katie, Account Director

“I have several masks in my arsenal, from the store-bought paper masks to ones my mom made out of old t-shirts, but my favorite one is a skull-face mask from a hockey tournament my husband was in years ago. It lets people know how fierce I am!”


Dave, President

“In the Townsend household we have taken two routes to finding masks:

1) We live in a very connected neighborhood in Covington and one of our neighbors offered to make masks for everyone in Old Seminary Square. So, we received two handmade masks that have worked very well and supported our community effort to beat this damn virus.

2) In a very “Dave-branded” approach to acquiring a more fashion-forward mask, we have ordered a couple from my favorite custom shirt maker (Proper Cloth) that shifted some of their production to making what appear to be very cool masks. The order is in, but we haven’t yet received them.” 


Looking to create your own mask or need masks for your team? Graphic Village is producing disposable, one-time use masks that can be customized with your brand. For more information, visit