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Happy By Design: Spreading Cheer in our Community

“What can we do?” That’s a question many of us have asked as the Covid-19 pandemic has created fear, uncertainty and enormous disruption at home and around the globe. It’s a question that came up in a recent Intrinzic team meeting as we explored ways to build goodwill in the community by finding ways to use our talents to help in any way we can. As a collective of designers, writers and strategists who happen to be owned by one of the region’s largest printers, we set out to use our talents to spread happiness to others who may be feeling isolated during this time....
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The Mask as Brand

What our new (and mandatory) accessory can say about us As we slowly begin to leave our homes, we’re looking a little different as, depending on where you live, face masks are either required or highly recommended. The Intrinzic team spent some time (virtually) thinking about the masks and the potential they have to be a part of our personal brands. We’re sharing our thoughts (and masks) below.   Kristina, Content Strategist "It's no secret I'm all about comfy vibes, so the idea of strapping something to my face was not something I believed I could do every day (even though wfh has allowed for...
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Social Media

Find Your Social Match:

When it comes to social media, the big question in boardrooms today isn’t whether or not to go social, but how to reach the right audience on the right platform. Approximately 2 billion internet users are using social networks and these figures are still growing as mobile device usage and mobile social apps are increasingly adopted by consumers. With a number so large and a multitude of networks spanning Facebook to Pinterest to WhatsApp to LinkedIn and more, your target audience is somewhere in the count. So how do you engage when you also need to balance employee resources, budgets and time. To help answer...
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Creepy or Convenient:

Svedka Vodka is embracing the “creepy” this Halloween season in their latest “Banner Ad Curse” campaign. Exploiting the negative sentiment associated with online advertising, they are utilizing a tongue-in-cheek, data-driven approach to reach their target audience through videos and banners. If a user has engaged with Svedka, is engaged with the vodka category or is a data “look-a-like” with one of their customers, they’re likely being stalked by these ads and I love it. Svedka Vodka's "Banner Ad Curse" campaign. Why do I love this approach when razor companies, wedding vendors, food delivery services, investment companies, and jewelry are doing the same thing, following me...
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One perfect shot:

Imagine: you’ve gathered the perfect team. The weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy in the low 70s. The models are all on time. The food is ordered. The equipment is set up and working properly. The subject matter—a mint condition 1967 Ford Mustang is…uh oh. Where’s the car? If one piece of this delicate puzzle is missing, the whole photoshoot could fall apart. Tens of thousands of dollars to capture these few shots, and it could all go down the drain. Try again tomorrow? Well, the photographer is booked tomorrow, it looks like it is supposed to rain, and we have six other shots...
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The Intern Asks the CEO:

Written By: Anna Meyer, Marketing Communication Intern Before the end of my internship at Intrinzic, I sat down with our CEO, Wendy Vonderhaar, to talk about her own personal experience with transforming her dreams into a career path to follow. For Wendy, that dream was starting and running a business. As a fourth-year student at the University of Cincinnati (UC), it is very important for me to visualize my career path. In fact, “where do you see yourself in your career path?” was one of the questions asked in my interview for a shot as an intern at Intrinzic. I have heard many peers answer...
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Get S.M.A.R.T.E.R:

We all love celebrating quick wins, but are we celebrating the right wins? Playing softball in college for Northern Kentucky University, my personal “win” was hitting at least .300 every season; however, stepping back, my goal was just one piece of my team’s success equation. The real data point that mattered was the team edging out a win record great enough to move into the conference tournament and compete for the real prize – an NCAA tournament berth. As marketers we frequently have the chance to manipulate data to show a positive success story even if we’re on a losing team. My challenge to you...
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Design Thinking

Why risk it?

Leader, explorer, risk taker. Whenever I take a personality test, these are the attributes that usually pop up for me. It’s that last one that I identify with the most. There’s nothing more thrilling to me than the possibility of succeeding at something I’ve never done before. Some might think that’s crazy, but I say it’s hopeful. And as a designer, I’ve learned that taking creative risks during the design process is what leads to innovative ideas that uniquely solve my clients’ needs. In fact, it would be more crazy of me to avoid risk, because without being comfortable wading into the unknown, I wouldn’t be...
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Confessions of an Agency Intern:

Written By: Jordyn Kerr, Marketing Communication Co-op It seems like just yesterday that I was stepping through the doors of Intrinzic for my first day as a co-op, nervously introducing myself to everyone and completely unsure of what the semester would hold. A few months earlier, I was just a third year student at the University of Cincinnati (UC) looking for a new experience and some direction as to what career I’d like to pursue someday. Now, nearly five months later, I’m in disbelief that my co-op semester is almost over. I must confess, this experience was not what I expected it to be. UC’s...
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Workplace Productivity

First up on your daily to-do list…

It’s the middle of the week and I’m sitting at my desk with a massive to-do list. There are five different projects that I’m juggling, I’m answering questions from my teammates, and making sure that I’m communicating everything to my clients that they need to know. I’ve also been on and off the phone with a vendor that’s working on a print job for us. Just your average day… you know the drill. And that to-do list seems to just keep getting longer. If I’m not being mindful about the day, I’ll stay tied to my desk, hunched over my laptop, locked in focus on...
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