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A time to refocus. How business can thrive in the shutdown.

Even though it’s been several months, most businesses and industries are still in some level of shock from the shutdown. It may not always feel like it, because within many of these companies, people are still working, maybe differently, maybe remotely, maybe in smaller numbers, but the lights are still on and people are continuing to do what they do. But the fact is many organizations are operating in a sort of limbo, not enough demand to support their past infrastructure, and not enough confidence to invest in the future. So we sit. And wait. And worry about what the future will bring while revenues...
Posted by Chris Heile
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Maintaining Your Culture In Uncertain Times

As the world has grappled with the Covid-19 crisis since March, it’s a massive understatement to say business has been disrupted in unprecedented ways. No matter what you do, your work life changed dramatically overnight. We are a company that approaches branding with culture as a centerpiece, and have examined and codified the culture of many organizations to help build stronger brands. As the pandemic’s impact grew, we were interested to learn ways to keep the culture of an organization alive even if the usual touchpoints to connect individuals to shared values are changed or missing temporarily. So, we asked our longtime Intrinzic client, Johnson...
Posted by Lauren Doerning
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Happy By Design: Spreading Cheer in our Community

“What can we do?” That’s a question many of us have asked as the Covid-19 pandemic has created fear, uncertainty and enormous disruption at home and around the globe. It’s a question that came up in a recent Intrinzic team meeting as we explored ways to build goodwill in the community by finding ways to use our talents to help in any way we can. As a collective of designers, writers and strategists who happen to be owned by one of the region’s largest printers, we set out to use our talents to spread happiness to others who may be feeling isolated during this time....
Posted by Intrinzic
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Using Design Thinking to Understand Your Brand Essence

As humans, we all have our own unique story. Every mistake made, lesson learned and achievement gained came from a journey that has allowed us to land where we have today. Those journeys, exciting, adventurous, and, at times totally exhausting, are what build the details of our one-of-a-kind stories that can’t be replicated or edited by ourselves or anybody else. They’re our ever-growing foundation that reminds us where we came from while simultaneously influencing our direction forward. Like people, organizations experience their own unique journey that builds their foundation. Of course elements like heritage and perspective have a major role in developing a journey, but...
Posted by Courtney Morgan
Pantone of the year ultra violet
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Pantone’s Color of the Year is Pretty…Ultra:

Every year Pantone, the “world-renowned authority on color” sends a team to scour the globe for emerging design trends to inform their release of the color of the year. While many companies use it as a marketing ploy to sell “limited edition” lipsticks and accessories, it’s undeniable that the psychology of color is one of the most powerful tools that influences our everyday lifestyles and purchasing habits. For me, as a designer, Pantone’s color system is a part of my everyday life and their decision is a welcomed opportunity for inspiration. Color is so much more than an arbitrary decision but rather a form of...
Posted by Savannah Heekin
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Getting my driver’s license was one of the more terrifying days of my life—and let’s be honest, my parents’ lives, as well. Not because I finally had the freedom to hit the open road at the ripe old age of 16, but because I knew that it was the beginning of the end of being eternally “lost.” I have always been what my family calls "directionally challenged," even with my keen visual sense of the world around me. Getting in the car with me behind the wheel is nothing short of an adventure—for the passenger, obviously. People can’t just tell me to “head north” or...
Posted by Sarah Fry
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You Had Me At Why:

Earlier this year, Intrinzic kicked off work with the 2017 class at the Brandery, a four-month accelerator program in Cincinnati for startups selected via a competitive application pool. As a brand mentor, we were paired with a startup company to provide branding and marketing advice and resources as they worked towards their pitch to investors. We were matched with a Brandery startup through a speed dating exercise where we had 15 minutes with each company for them to introduce themselves and their idea and for us to explain what we do. We each then ranked our top picks and were paired accordingly. My colleagues and...
Posted by Katie Peters
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One perfect shot:

Imagine: you’ve gathered the perfect team. The weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy in the low 70s. The models are all on time. The food is ordered. The equipment is set up and working properly. The subject matter—a mint condition 1967 Ford Mustang is…uh oh. Where’s the car? If one piece of this delicate puzzle is missing, the whole photoshoot could fall apart. Tens of thousands of dollars to capture these few shots, and it could all go down the drain. Try again tomorrow? Well, the photographer is booked tomorrow, it looks like it is supposed to rain, and we have six other shots...
Posted by Intrinzic
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Branding shouldn’t be a puzzle…

As a creative, I am constantly searching for meaningful inspiration. When I came across the Clemens Habicht Color Puzzles, in which each jigsaw piece is an individual color that must be placed exactly in relation to every other color, I thought it would make a perfect collaborative challenge for the Intrinzic design team. After all, putting together the pieces of a brand is like putting together the pieces of a complex puzzle. It takes the ability to fuse science and method with creativity and innovation, with the goal of communicating and visualizing a strategic and compelling point of view. Our mission at Intrinzic everyday is...
Posted by Sarah Fry
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Staying Inspired:

As a graphic designer, my job hinges on creativity. Staying inspired can be an exhausting and daunting task. I have found that being inspired doesn’t necessarily rely on waiting for inspiration to hit, but actively searching for it…in other words, staying motivated to be inspired. When I am feeling the pressure to be inspired, I have found that I can replenish my creative juices before they run dry by incorporating three simple practices into my routine. ### 1. Never stop learning. My peers are my biggest source of motivation. This industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. By staying on top of what others...
Posted by Abby Otting


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