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Fern’s creativity is purpose-driven, aiming for meaningful impact through art and design.

Collaboration isn’t just a process; it’s a pathway to crafting successful and memorable design stories.

Armed with a B.S. in Communication Design from University of Cincinnati DAAP and agency experience in brand design, Fern contributes her unique perspective to the creation of successful visual identities. She is driven by a commitment to forging connections through creativity, collaboration, & experimentation and aims to craft visually captivating brand experiences that resonate deeply with audiences.

Outside of work, Fern finds creative inspiration by attending local art events, dancing to live music, and trying her hand at new art mediums. Additionally, Fern enjoys unwinding with a dose of cheesy reality TV, often accompanied by her loyal and chunky feline companion, Gooby.


Kami brings a contagious energy and a shared passion for organization, attention to detail and collaboration to our team. She is at her best around people with creative energy and is passionate about building long lasting relationships with both organizations and individuals. Her passion and mission every day is to constantly strive to make those around her excited about their work and pushing things to the best they can be.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Kami comes to Intrinzic with over 12 years of management and operational experience in the healthcare industry. She is dedicated to working closely with our team (and your team) to ensure that goals are met and hopefully exceeded. 😉

Kami lives in Oakley with her husband John, energetic young daughter, and ever so charming terrier, Barkley.


A creative, problem-solver and lover of all things bold. Shelby is passionate about making art with purpose. She loves to explore the world through her own camera lens and hopes to capture the beauty of everything she sees through her design.

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.

Shelby is an ambitious young designer who is driven by relationships created through art and design. With 2+ years of experience in both startups and institutional/industry, Shelby has worked in multiple teams sparking ideation for a number of deliverables in areas such as web and print.

Outside of work, Shelby is always exploring the tactile nature of hobbies. From ceramics to painting to needle work; she is consumed by the action of creating with the intent of inspiring others and relieving her itch to create something truly unique.

“What can we do?”

That’s a question many of us have asked as the Covid-19 pandemic has created fear, uncertainty and enormous disruption at home and around the globe. It’s a question that came up in a recent Intrinzic team meeting as we explored ways to build goodwill in the community by finding ways to use our talents to help in any way we can.

As a collective of designers, writers and strategists who happen to be owned by one of the region’s largest printers, we set out to use our talents to spread happiness to others who may be feeling isolated during this time. What came from our brainstorm was a collection of uplifting cards, coloring pages and posters to share with our community.

The finished project, which we call “Happy By Design,” features designs with bright, cheerful colors and uplifting messages of gratitude, hope and inspiration. As a first step, Intrinzic, along with the support of Graphic Village, are printing cards and distributing to the staff and residents of a local nursing home.

We want to enable everyone to send their own ‘Happy Mail’, so we have also made them available to anyone who wants to spread happiness in their community. Do you have someone in your life or community you want to thank or offer an inspirational message to? Family, friends, medical workers, teachers or others?

If so, here is where you can download and personalize your own card:


What our new (and mandatory) accessory can say about us

As we slowly begin to leave our homes, we’re looking a little different as, depending on where you live, face masks are either required or highly recommended. The Intrinzic team spent some time (virtually) thinking about the masks and the potential they have to be a part of our personal brands. We’re sharing our thoughts (and masks) below.


Kristina, Content Strategist

“It’s no secret I’m all about comfy vibes, so the idea of strapping something to my face was not something I believed I could do every day (even though wfh has allowed for comfy clothes most days). So, I went with a Tultex mask that is 100% ring-spun cotton, washable, antimicrobial, all the good stuff plus super comfy. They basically turned their t-shirts into masks. They’re great. And, have cotton tie strings so no loop-the-loops around the ears which is nice!”


Savannah, Senior Designer

“The mask I wear is one I made from an old concert t-shirt that I don’t wear anymore. I was keeping the t-shirt for sentimental value, but I love that it got a second life and I get to wear it again!” 


Emily, Content Strategist

“My mom sewed masks for our whole family; she’s been a sewer and quilter for as long as I can remember. She went through her fabric stash to find remnant pieces to use for our masks. For me, she chose a wine-themed fabric. We enjoy going to wine tastings together and we often buy each other wine-themed gifts. I know we’re both looking forward to attending wine tastings together again!”


Michelle, Senior Account Manager

“In this crazy time, I turned to a hobby that provided some comfort and the only way I knew how to help. I’ve made and continue to make several masks for friends and family. With fabric and interfacing gathered from another project and a 60+year old sewing machine inherited from my grandmother in-hand, I’ve turned my dining room table into my work station. I have two masks that I wear, one Xavier Alumnae representing and the other for those fancier occasions like Target Drive ups.”


Rob, Sr. PR & Content Strategist

“I found my mask from a local woman who is selling them on Etsy and was able to select a snazzy gingham pattern – I hope it won’t create a moire pattern on my video calls! I wanted something that was a little more stylish than the “medical blue” disposable masks that will likely become ubiquitous during the next few weeks. Back when I had real meetings with clients, I’d use a pocket square to break up a blazer or sport coat. Perhaps the mask can be reused as a pocket square when all this is over!”


Katie, Account Director

“I have several masks in my arsenal, from the store-bought paper masks to ones my mom made out of old t-shirts, but my favorite one is a skull-face mask from a hockey tournament my husband was in years ago. It lets people know how fierce I am!”


Dave, President

“In the Townsend household we have taken two routes to finding masks:

1) We live in a very connected neighborhood in Covington and one of our neighbors offered to make masks for everyone in Old Seminary Square. So, we received two handmade masks that have worked very well and supported our community effort to beat this damn virus.

2) In a very “Dave-branded” approach to acquiring a more fashion-forward mask, we have ordered a couple from my favorite custom shirt maker (Proper Cloth) that shifted some of their production to making what appear to be very cool masks. The order is in, but we haven’t yet received them.” 


Looking to create your own mask or need masks for your team? Graphic Village is producing disposable, one-time use masks that can be customized with your brand. For more information, visit

Thank You for 20 Years!

Earlier this year, the Intrinzic team celebrated our 20th anniversary. This 20-year journey has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs and several unexpected turns along the way. I quickly learned that you don’t survive, and thrive, without a LOT of help. Thank goodness I’ve had it in spades. As I count my blessings this holiday season, I want to thank the many people that have contributed to our success over the years.

First and foremost, thank you to the many people that have been part of the Intrinzic team. Some had short tenures, others have been with us for many years. So much talent, drive and personality, I am fortunate that they chose Intrinzic for part of their journey. Thank you to the current Intrinzic team. You each inspire me to be better and I am continually impressed with the creativity, commitment and intelligence you apply to our clients’ marketing challenges each day. Thank you to my business partner for your passion and commitment to this business – everything is easier when you are not going it alone. Thank you.

Thank you to the many clients over the years. Some took a chance on a small company with big dreams, others crossed our path once we were established and helped us stretch into new markets and services. All left an enduring mark on the company and contributed to our success and many continue to do so. We value each and every one of you. Thank you.

Thank you to the many partners we have collaborated with over the years. A few key partners showed me the ropes in the early days and I literally would not have survived without them. Others played a considerable role in fueling our growth and evolution and still do today. We simply could not do what we do without you. Thank you.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, thanks to those that have supported me behind the scenes – my family. Your constant love, support and unwavering faith in me is my foundation and has provided me the confidence and perseverance needed to pursue my dream that started when I was a college student so many years ago. Thank you.

I consider myself a lifelong student and I have learned something from every person I have collaborated with over the past 20 years and am better for it. I did not name names as there are simply too many, but I believe you all know you who are. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

-Wendy Vonderhaar, CEO

Intrinzic recently celebrated 20 years in business, a major milestone for any organization, especially one working in the challenging world of brand development. Intrinzic started as a small graphic design company and has grown to become one of the region’s most respected branding and integrated marketing firms, thriving through four presidents, two economic downturns and the rapid growth of social media.

“Despite dramatic changes in the industry and in our market, we’ve remained committed to having an impact in our clients’ businesses, our community and each other,” said Wendy Vonderhaar, CEO. “I’m continually inspired by the talent and dedication of our team as we push the boundaries of what we do each day. We also credit the many team members, clients and partners we’ve worked with over the years who have been instrumental to our success. We couldn’t have come this far without all of them.”

Over the past two decades, the firm has helped grow global firms and small businesses through a variety of branding, marketing and communications services, across digital and analog platforms. Today, Intrinzic is a brand development firm dedicated to elevating and building stronger brands through collaboration that aligns the interests and passions of our clients to those of their customers. The company regularly appears in the Business Courier’s list of top local firms and has earned top awards for its work from several industry associations.


From her earliest memories, Emily has loved stories: hearing them, reading them and writing them. So it’s no surprise that her career centers around uncovering the insights, passions and strategies that create meaningful messages and stories, both for companies themselves and the people and industries they serve.

What excites me most about our work is the opportunity to dive deep into a company or brand, learn what drives them, what makes them unique and then bring it to life in a way that resonates in truly meaningful ways. The most gratifying moments are when a client tells us they teared up or got goosebumps because of the feelings our strategies and stories evoked for them.

Emily holds a BA in Creative Writing from Ohio Northern University and comes to Intrinzic after leading the creative development of numerous well-known national and global brands, from hair care and baby care to home improvement and food/beverage.

Emily lives in Cleves, Ohio, with her husband, daughter, dog and ever-growing collection of books. When she’s not crafting brand strategies and stories, Emily works on crafting a colorful home through her home décor and do-it-yourself website, Two Purple Couches. There, she shares home improvement projects, seasonal decorating ideas, and DIY and crafts tutorials.


Maintaining relevance in an ever-changing world is critical to brands. Veronica has helped to build brands from the inside out by focusing on what is important to internal and external stakeholders.

Discovery is a lifelong process that can lead you down many paths. Finding paths that are true – both personally and professionally will reveal unique experiences and insights that become part of your DNA… While marketing services and products, we’re in the business of building authentic connections with our customers from the inside out. The journey is what motivates and amazes me – especially the collaboration between our team of creative thinkers and awesome clients.

Partnering with clients over the last 20 years to define, create and deliver strategic marketing touch-points for a broad portfolio of brands, Veronica has gained valuable experience in managing projects seamlessly through the entire process. Veronica graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BBA in Strategic Design & Management. She is a tennis enthusiast and adventurous home chef, often competing with her partner in both categories for best-in-class!


Collaboration is at the heart of building brands. Working together, hearing the points of views of others, and connecting the dots to solve challenges are what fuel the work we do every day. Laura brings a collaborative spirit and energy to the team and uses this to move the work forward in a meaningful way.

Relationship building is what I love most about my job. I am passionate about creating connections with my internal teams and clients. Taking the time to understand one another and form connections along the way ultimately leads to more effective teams, stronger brands and higher quality work.

Laura has 20 years of Account Management experience in the branding and design industry, spending time at the world’s largest independent branding consultancy as well as smaller agencies. She has worked with a variety of global brands across multiple categories. She is dedicated, detail oriented and thrives on keeping teams organized and on track.

On a personal note, she is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. She and her husband have 3 kids so in her “spare time” she can be found on the sidelines of their many sporting events or volunteering at their school.