Brand Collaborative

Intrinzic helps companies understand the most unique and valued aspects of their own organizations so they can identify the commonalities they share with their customers. Bridging these commonalities is what we call a Collaborative. Our process helps align people, culture and ultimately entire organizations around core beliefs that match the needs and interests of the marketplace.



Through a series of intake sessions and interviews we will explore the culture and character of the organization. We seek to understand the company’s history, passions and beliefs. We dig to understand the true needs of the audiences so that we can define future opportunities to connect.



We look across the hundreds of visual and verbal stimuli to discover commonalities. We build inspiration and construct models that explore ways your diverse cultural elements can be prioritized to have the greatest impact.



We begin to construct the external and internal brand through messaging and key iconic visuals that stem from your strategic pathway. We use these elements to tell your unique brand story in a way that engages your customers and inspires your employees.



In order to implement your brand, a detailed style guide and messaging playbook is created to compile all brand assets and to define the proper usage. This is used to create brand consistency and customer recognition.



Through your brand’s unique lens we will customize and implement key activation strategies across multi-channels so that your message is relevant to the space.



After your brand has been Ignited, we host post-project initiatives to measure success, define areas of needed optimization and set future goals.


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