Happy By Design: Spreading Cheer in our Community

“What can we do?”

That’s a question many of us have asked as the Covid-19 pandemic has created fear, uncertainty and enormous disruption at home and around the globe. It’s a question that came up in a recent Intrinzic team meeting as we explored ways to build goodwill in the community by finding ways to use our talents to help in any way we can.

As a collective of designers, writers and strategists who happen to be owned by one of the region’s largest printers, we set out to use our talents to spread happiness to others who may be feeling isolated during this time. What came from our brainstorm was a collection of uplifting cards, coloring pages and posters to share with our community.

The finished project, which we call “Happy By Design,” features designs with bright, cheerful colors and uplifting messages of gratitude, hope and inspiration. As a first step, Intrinzic, along with the support of Graphic Village, are printing cards and distributing to the staff and residents of a local nursing home.

We want to enable everyone to send their own ‘Happy Mail’, so we have also made them available to anyone who wants to spread happiness in their community. Do you have someone in your life or community you want to thank or offer an inspirational message to? Family, friends, medical workers, teachers or others?

If so, here is where you can download and personalize your own card: https://intrinzicbrands.com/happy-by-design/