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Women’s Month: How Savvy Brands Market to Women

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] As part of our celebration of International Women’s Month, we asked our own Intrinzic team the perspective on how some of their favorite brands are marketing to women effectively. Click on the individual links below to learn more about each brand we think is best-in-class. Emily Kennedy, Sr. Content Strategist and Courtney Rogers, Director, Design Strategy Athleta Emily: One of my favorite women-focused brands is Athleta. They always feature models in their catalogues who are real athletes, who come in all ages, sizes, skin colors, from all backgrounds and fitness levels. I feel like they are truly building a movement around movement - that...
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci
Branding Design

A time to refocus. How business can thrive in the shutdown.

Even though it’s been several months, most businesses and industries are still in some level of shock from the shutdown. It may not always feel like it, because within many of these companies, people are still working, maybe differently, maybe remotely, maybe in smaller numbers, but the lights are still on and people are continuing to do what they do. But the fact is many organizations are operating in a sort of limbo, not enough demand to support their past infrastructure, and not enough confidence to invest in the future. So we sit. And wait. And worry about what the future will bring while revenues...
Posted by Chris Heile
Branding Design

Maintaining Your Culture In Uncertain Times

As the world has grappled with the Covid-19 crisis since March, it’s a massive understatement to say business has been disrupted in unprecedented ways. No matter what you do, your work life changed dramatically overnight. We are a company that approaches branding with culture as a centerpiece, and have examined and codified the culture of many organizations to help build stronger brands. As the pandemic’s impact grew, we were interested to learn ways to keep the culture of an organization alive even if the usual touchpoints to connect individuals to shared values are changed or missing temporarily. So, we asked our longtime Intrinzic client, Johnson...
Posted by Lauren Doerning
Branding Content Marketing

Do you have the right messaging tools to pivot your marketing strategy?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The business world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Businesses have to be adaptable and flexible to survive the short-term and thrive in the long-term. Some businesses are adjusting what and how they deliver day-to-day, some are scrambling to be relevant in the changed marketplace, and some are having to rapidly innovate – changing their business model, strategy and overall go-to-market plan. All this change is necessary but will go unnoticed if your messaging does not keep pace. Communicating your new value to the marketplace is essential to capitalizing on the business decisions you are making. Informing and connecting with your key audiences...
Posted by Dave Townsend
Branding Design Thinking

How We Found Inspiration in Collaboration

Inspiration can be found anywhere, but when we teamed up with CR Architecture + Design to brand the revival of a historic hotel, we found it in collaboration.   I try to let anything and everything inspire me. I also tend to romanticize everything. For example, instead of flying to Rhode Island last year, I took a train. My romantic side said it would be a way to see America – both its beautiful terrain and its people. In reality, it was a fairly uncomfortable 24 hours of being on a train. Nevertheless, the people and places I saw inspired me. I find inspiration in...
Posted by Matt Boylson

Finding common ground

In a world that feels constantly divided over politics, sports teams, and the color of a certain dress, finding commonalities is more important to consumers than ever. If a customer feels they can no longer relate to the product or service they are purchasing, or the people trying to sell it to them, they will quickly go in search of another. We have a seemingly endless number of choices, and the power to select which companies and brands we best relate to. As your customers face their many options, how can you discover and promote commonalities to attract the ideal audience for your brand? Be...
Posted by Michelle Kolenz

The Brand Imperative That Can Determine Success or Failure

Ever heard of the brand, Wesabe? How about Webvan? No? You’ve likely never heard of them because they were promising businesses that died in their infancy. You have heard of and Amazon Prime Now. These massive operations are what could have been for Wesabe and Webvan, respectively. Wesabe was a personal finance website that opened in 2006 and closed a short time later in 2010. It was meant to be a site that would help consumers budget their money and make better spending decisions. At the height of its success, the company received ample venture capital financing and signed up 150,000 members. But a...
Posted by Katie Peters
Branding Design

Using Design Thinking to Understand Your Brand Essence

As humans, we all have our own unique story. Every mistake made, lesson learned and achievement gained came from a journey that has allowed us to land where we have today. Those journeys, exciting, adventurous, and, at times totally exhausting, are what build the details of our one-of-a-kind stories that can’t be replicated or edited by ourselves or anybody else. They’re our ever-growing foundation that reminds us where we came from while simultaneously influencing our direction forward. Like people, organizations experience their own unique journey that builds their foundation. Of course elements like heritage and perspective have a major role in developing a journey, but...
Posted by Courtney Morgan
Branding Public Relations

Don’t Buy This Jacket

How Patagonia Provides a Map to Brand Authenticity For those who’ve never stepped foot in an REI store or aspire to climb a rock face, Patagonia is a brand of outdoor gear that traces its roots back to the 1970s, when it started making mountain climbing gear. The company has long supported environmental activism, and created waves with a strikingly honest 2011 Black Friday ad campaign suggesting that purchasing less stuff — including Patagonia products — could benefit the environment. The ad copy goes on to spell out what resources go into making one of its bestselling jackets, including 135 liters of water and 20...
Posted by Rob Pasquinucci

What’s hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end?

Is it time for your brand’s visuals to change? Change often hits us from behind. And it’s usually either inevitable or beyond our control. Change is everywhere; in our personal lives, in our professional lives, and in our brands’ lives. I’ll personally be confronting one of the biggest changes of my life this August when I prepare for my first child to enter this world, joining my husband, myself, and her or his eldest sibling: our perfect goldendoodle, Indie. No matter if you are going through a slow change, small change or life-altering change, it’s important to adjust to the new normal. Life transitions can...
Posted by Sarah Fry


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