Do you have the right messaging tools to pivot your marketing strategy?

The business world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. Businesses have to be adaptable and flexible to survive the short-term and thrive in the long-term.

Some businesses are adjusting what and how they deliver day-to-day, some are scrambling to be relevant in the changed marketplace, and some are having to rapidly innovate – changing their business model, strategy and overall go-to-market plan.

All this change is necessary but will go unnoticed if your messaging does not keep pace. Communicating your new value to the marketplace is essential to capitalizing on the business decisions you are making. Informing and connecting with your key audiences has to be part of any pivot you are planning.

As experts in messaging and managing change with/within brands, we recommend you and your team stay on message, continuing to be relevant and meaningfully communicating the new reality to all your audiences – internal and external.

Key areas of messaging to think about include:
  • Have you clearly articulated the value you bring to your employees and your customers? This is especially important if that value has changed as you pivot with the new realities.
  • Are you targeting new segment/audiences? Have you adapted your message to be relevant to their needs?
  • Have you adjusted your brand story to reflect the changes you are making in your business?
  • Have you communicated to your employees what the changes you have made mean to them and the work they are doing?
  • Are you using messaging to manage the ever-changing environment, ensuring all your constituents have the most updated information?
  • Is your marketplace messaging fully representing the authentic truth of your culture and your brand? Are you showing the right amount of empathy and sympathy that is true to the ethic and values of the organization? Do you need to update or adjust your brand voice?
  • Does your team have the messaging tools to quickly & consistently implement through all channels?

Messaging strategy and action plans are fundamental to successfully pivoting your business, and not just surviving the now, but thriving in the new, emerging, changed marketplace.

Yes, times are tough right now, but there are opportunities in front of us if we are willing to boldly pivot and embrace the new realities. If you are looking for a new direction, guidance on messaging or an objective sounding board, please reach out to Julie Laible.