Finding common ground

In a world that feels constantly divided over politics, sports teams, and the color of a certain dress, finding commonalities is more important to consumers than ever. If a customer feels they can no longer relate to the product or service they are purchasing, or the people trying to sell it to them, they will quickly go in search of another. We have a seemingly endless number of choices, and the power to select which companies and brands we best relate to.

As your customers face their many options, how can you discover and promote commonalities to attract the ideal audience for your brand?

Be Relatable

Social media has the power to give customers direct access to a brand. Birchbox is one brand in particular that I enjoy following even though I’ve paused my Birchbox subscription due to too many samples (how often do you hear that?!). Following their Instagram provides customers an inside look at their culture, their inspirational quotes and new products available to sample. As I scroll through my feed, I pause on theirs often as their posts seem as though they are sharing directly for me. They are relatable, top of mind, and even though I don’t currently participate, they keep me in the know about new cosmetics, skin care and hair care items available on the market.

Be Aspirational

In the pool of social media channels, I’d have to say Instagram is my preference. The accounts I follow vary from close friends, tutorials or inspirational influencers who I enjoy viewing to keep my creative juices flowing. Joanna Gaines is one of these influencers. Back in the day when I had HGTV readily available, Fixer Upper was my absolute favorite. The dynamic between Chip and Joanna made the show entertaining, but her individual style, personality and flair makes her someone people want to emulate. As they wrap up their final season of Fixer Upper, they have expanded their brand through cookbooks, a home décor line at Target, a magazine and several brick and mortar stores in the Texas area. The Gaines brand has flourished because of the aspirational lifestyle their products continue to showcase.

Be True

Consumers are quick to see through a brand trying to be something they are not. Case in point—the Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner that aired in Spring of 2017. The audience had an immediate negative reaction to their attempt to relate their product to a serious topic. Needless to say, the ad was a failure. Fast-forward to this year, and Nike’s ad featuring Colin Kaepernick. Instead of following in Pepsi’s footsteps and taking a serious issue lightly, Nike decided to take a deliberate stand on another controversial topic currently polarizing America. Regardless of your opinion on the issue, it cannot be denied that Nike sparked conversation. More importantly, as a company, they were true to themselves, took a stance on a serious topic, and were unapologetic about their point of view on the issue. As a result, the company’s sales increased 31% following the official airing of the ad.

At Intrinzic, we can help you identify what your company stands for as a brand, as a culture and how it relates to your employees and your customers in order to grow stronger brand loyalty and a base of influence for building a strong and bountiful relationship.