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The Brand Imperative That Can Determine Success or Failure

Ever heard of the brand, Wesabe? How about Webvan? No? You’ve likely never heard of them because they were promising businesses that died in their infancy. You have heard of and Amazon Prime Now. These massive operations are what could have been for Wesabe and Webvan, respectively. Wesabe was a personal finance website that opened in 2006 and closed a short time later in 2010. It was meant to be a site that would help consumers budget their money and make better spending decisions. At the height of its success, the company received ample venture capital financing and signed up 150,000 members. But a...
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You Had Me At Why:

Earlier this year, Intrinzic kicked off work with the 2017 class at the Brandery, a four-month accelerator program in Cincinnati for startups selected via a competitive application pool. As a brand mentor, we were paired with a startup company to provide branding and marketing advice and resources as they worked towards their pitch to investors. We were matched with a Brandery startup through a speed dating exercise where we had 15 minutes with each company for them to introduce themselves and their idea and for us to explain what we do. We each then ranked our top picks and were paired accordingly. My colleagues and...
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Is your brand afraid of the dark?

Fear is a powerful thing. And if you’re not careful, it can become debilitating. It can also become a benchmark for opportunities you never knew existed. I found this out when I stepped foot onto the stage for my very first dance recital when I was a little girl. I was terrified of the enormity of the audience (which was probably about 10 people), of messing up, and of freezing on stage. But none of those things happened. The recital went as smoothly as any toddler recital could go, and I would go on to repeat the harrowing act countless times as I danced my...
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Content Marketing Social Media

Momentary marketing:

It is no doubt that social media has major influence over how we function in society today. It’s not just how we connect. It’s how we recruit and find jobs, how we date, and now, how we shop. I’m not just talking about clicking a sponsored ad on Facebook and going to your favorite retailer’s website. I am talking about momentary marketing. Momentary marketing is changing the way businesses retail their products and services by using temporary content social networks like Snapchat to offer special deals, coupons and price matching in real-time, on the spot. In a “limited time only” fashion, momentary marketing increases brand...
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