Momentary marketing:

It is no doubt that social media has major influence over how we function in society today. It’s not just how we connect. It’s how we recruit and find jobs, how we date, and now, how we shop. I’m not just talking about clicking a sponsored ad on Facebook and going to your favorite retailer’s website. I am talking about momentary marketing.

Momentary marketing is changing the way businesses retail their products and services by using temporary content social networks like Snapchat to offer special deals, coupons and price matching in real-time, on the spot. In a “limited time only” fashion, momentary marketing increases brand awareness to heighten excitement for a specific event, promotion or service. We are in a world of instant satisfaction and ephemeral marketing plays into the desire of online consumers to absorb smaller, easier and more efficient forms of content.

How do marketers find success in this space? Here are three examples of companies who have figured it out…


### 1. Toyota: Use of geofilters

In order to create a VIP experience at Lollapalooza this summer, Toyota created a “[Golden Ticket](,” using a geofilter on Snapchat. Snapchat users who came across the ticket were able to gain intel on the location and time of a secret concert at the festival sponsored by Toyota. The campaign netted 50,000 concert-goers viewing the filter in a short, three-hour time span.


### 2. Sphero: Leveraging Influencers

When the latest installation of Star Wars hit theaters, toy company Sphero wanted to promote their new toy, the BB-8 droid, so they tapped into some of Snapchat’s biggest influencers to post photos and videos with the item. One of those influencers at the time was bringing in two million views a day. According to the Wall Street Journal, [the toy sold out in a matter of hours]( and the campaign hit 10 million views in a day.


### 3. Hering: Quick Deals

Hering is a Brazilian fashion brand for both men and women that is recognized by more than 90% of Brazilians. They used Black Friday to leverage a quick hitting campaign called “[SnapBlackFriday](” where they flashed videos of their clothing along with a discount sign on Snapchat. Users who saw it were able to obtain discount codes that could be applied to their online store. This campaign helped increase the Hering’s annual sales by 17 percent.

Late last year, Citizens Relations Canada indicated that 68 percent of [Millennials have admitted to making an impulsive purchase]( due to fear of missing out (FOMO) within hours of someone else’s experience with a product. To capture the attention of this generation, marketers need to put themselves in their consumers’ shoes and connect with them through engaging experiences that create a sense of urgency.

Many brands and companies have found success connecting with their audience via different forms of momentary marketing. What is your favorite approach?

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