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Be The Light You Wish to See:

The 2016 holiday season is in mid-stream. As we ramp up the festivities, I always look for a moment to pause and think about what this time of the year really means—for me personally, and for our business. Here at Intrinzic, we honestly strive to be more than just a profit-driven enterprise. Certainly we want a good strong, sustainable stream of revenue, but we also want to be a fabulous place to work and a true contributor to the community around us. It seems almost cliché at this point, but we do want our purpose—Igniting the spark today that inspires tomorrow—to guide us. We work...
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The Bold Fusion Experience:

As a designer, I’m constantly reminded how important it is to stay inspired, which can sometimes be much easier said than done. Sure, you can check out the local art museum or go on a hike, but for me, I’ve found the most valuable inspiration comes from simply listening. Listening to other people’s stories of the battles they’ve endured throughout their careers — triumphs and failures, struggles and victories, the pretty and the ugly. Recently, I was lucky enough to attend [Bold Fusion](http://hypecincinnati.com/bold-fusion/), Cincinnati’s largest [young professionals summit](https://www.facebook.com/HYPECincinnati/photos/?tab=album&album_id=10154660712435827), where I was able to do exactly that — listen. I was excited to surround myself with...
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ThurZday with Sarah Eisenman

ThurZday with Sarah Eisenman:

Let us introduce Sarah Eisenman. Learn how her passion for yoga fuels her creative drive. Sarah is a lead designer for the agency’s branding and marketing initiatives. She has worked with a variety of clients, including [Vya](https://intrinzicbrands.com/work/vya-simplified-marketing-systems/), [Nocona Boots](https://intrinzicbrands.com/work/nocona/) and [Tavern Restaurant Group](https://intrinzicbrands.com/work/the-pub-tavern-restaurant-group/), giving her a wide range of experience. She is also a web designer and social media marketer, who creates responsive designs and strategic social media content. Sarah’s passion for design and brand building is contagious, making her the perfect person to manage the agency’s co-op program. Sarah is a mentor in the community with Boys & Girls Clubs and AIGA and also...
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Clever Design, Defined:

“I’ll know it when I see it” is one of a graphic designer’s least favorite phrases. This phrase epitomizes a lack of goals. Therefore, I find it unsettling to use that as my answer to the question, what, exactly, in my eyes, is clever design and where’s the best place to find inspiration. Since the [ThurZday video](https://www.facebook.com/intrinzicinc/videos/1033182756714100/?theater) where I spoke briefly to the concept of clever graphic design, it has been weighing on me that I could not provide a clear definition. So, to clarify my definition, I went to a reliable source: designs from the first set of designers I found inspiring. I have...
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