Be The Light You Wish to See:

The 2016 holiday season is in mid-stream. As we ramp up the festivities, I always look for a moment to pause and think about what this time of the year really means—for me personally, and for our business.

Here at Intrinzic, we honestly strive to be more than just a profit-driven enterprise. Certainly we want a good strong, sustainable stream of revenue, but we also want to be a fabulous place to work and a true contributor to the community around us. It seems almost cliché at this point, but we do want our purpose—Igniting the spark today that inspires tomorrow—to guide us. We work each day to have an impact—it is why we get up most mornings.

#### Inspired work requires collaboration

I think our 2016 Holiday theme sums up our [purpose-driven culture]( beautifully: “Be the light you wish to see.” These simple words capture the heart of what I think makes Intrinzic a special place and what makes the people who have chosen to be here such special people.

It’s our own spin on the oft-quoted line that’s actually an oversimplification of [remarks by Ghandi:]( “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” The actual words from Ghandi acknowledge the amount of effort and collaboration it takes to make meaningful change happen.

#### Inspired outcomes require commitment

Our take on “being the light you wish to see” is meant to be an inspirational message, but it also expresses our commitment to improving all that we touch, delivering more than we think we can and supporting those around us—no matter what. It’s a simple idea, but not always easy to live up to. When we can keep it front of mind, though, we can truly have impact on the world around us.

As we work our way through the final few weeks of the year, Intrinzic will be sharing personal stories that have inspired us to be the light we wish to see: moments that spark wonder, whether in gifts we’ve received, gifts we’ve given, or in special times we’ve shared with family and friends. We’re kicking things off early next week and we hope our stories inspire a little wonder for you.

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