Happy Holidays from Intrinzic!

The holidays can sometimes feel like a mad dash to the finish line—lots of preparation for a series of celebrations that go by so very fast. At Intrinzic, we’ve been focused on “sparking wonder” this holiday season—and that’s something that requires pausing to revel in the moments of joy that we’re sharing with our loved ones. For our final installment in our holiday blog series, we are celebrating those moments when the holiday rush slows and the true wonder of the season—the unconditional love of family and friends—is made clear. We wish you many of those moments, and a very happy holiday season this year.

Sarah Yanito, Account Manager:

“One of the most touching experiences I’ve had during the holiday season happened the year my grandfather passed away. It was a difficult time for everyone in the family, trying to keep old traditions and memories alive, while adjusting and creating new ones. One tradition that I refused to see go was grandpa’s six-foot artificial Christmas tree that was more tinsel than branches. I knew how much he enjoyed setting up the tree every year, and I took it upon myself to carry on the ritual in his honor.

When I extracted the clusters of branches from the 40-year-old tattered cardboard box the tree lived in eleven months out of the year, a single, tiny ornament launched across the room. I picked up the dainty crystal snowman and saw my name—‘Sarah’—inscribed on its scarf. It was the only ornament left behind from the previous year. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and I smiled knowing he was still with us. It’s a memory that always reminds me not to get too caught up in the holiday chaos and to appreciate the little things that make this time of year so special.”

Wendy Vonderhaar, CEO:

“I have so many wonderful holiday memories over the years, but the one that always comes to mind first is my mom and all she did to make the holidays special for our family. My love for the holidays started with her. She made sure that they were extra special around our house, right down to each of her beautifully wrapped gifts. We had a tradition of decorating the tree as a family and while I’m sure as kids we were not always excited, the memory stands out for me now. As we hung the ornaments, we reminisced on the many things they represented: family vacations, important milestones, our lack of artistic talent displayed in the many ornaments decorated at school over the years. We never seemed to be short on laughter.

My mother took great care in decking out our entire home with holiday flair, not just the tree in the family room. Of course, she always had Christmas music playing, which gave our home a warm, festive feel. Some peoples’ formal dining rooms sit unused collecting dust. Not in the Kohlhepp house. It wasn’t unusual for mom to serve dinner in the dining room with the fine china and the holidays were no exception. We always had Christmas breakfast in the dining room along with Christmas dinner when our cousins came over to celebrate. Somehow my mom never seemed to break a sweat, serving large groups of people at a dinner table that was relaxing and full of great conversation.

These happy memories are so embedded in me that I recreate these same traditions with my own family. Of course, I enlist my mother for her expertise. It is now a Vonderhaar family tradition to put up our Christmas decorations and decorate our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. My mom and dad always come over and lend a hand. My mom just has a knack for making the Christmas decorations look like they belong in the right place. I also serve Christmas breakfast in the dining room, breaking out our fine china that, in all honesty, only gets used one time a year. It all doesn’t come as naturally to me as it does my mom, but I still do my best to create an environment filled with love and laughter, where my kids will hopefully make lifelong memories. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me the holidays are not about the gifts, but the opportunity to spend quality time with those you love!”

Sarah Fry, Design Director:

“In the last two years the holiday season has become significantly more meaningful to me. December 9, 2015 changed my life in a way I couldn’t understand then, but now has shed a new light on my past, present and future. It’s the day my new life and new family began, with a perfect proposal from the man of my dreams. We were on vacation in Riveria Maya, sitting together on the beach, watching the sun rise over the clouds, and the next thing I knew I had the most gorgeous sparkling diamond ring on my finger and an overwhelming feeling of joy and wonder for what was about to be. We spent that holiday season celebrating our engagement with all our closest friends and family. It is a time neither one of will ever forget. The love we felt was indescribable. With every glass of champagne and every ‘cheers’ given, our hearts got fuller and fuller with joy, wonder and gratitude. Now, a year later, we are embarking on our first holiday season as a married couple. We couldn’t be more blessed and joyous. This will truly be a holiday we will never forget.”

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