Moments that Spark Wonder:

There are moments in our lives that truly inspire us. Many of those moments happen around the holidays, when gifts and thoughtful gestures from family and friends impact our lives in ways we never imagined. This is the perfect time of year to stop and recognize the people, the generosity and the gifts that have made a lasting impression on our lives and sparked something powerful within us: a sense of wonder and inspiration that fuels our creative spirit. This spark is what influences everything we do in our lives and in the work we do for our clients.


This week we begin a series of blog posts celebrating the ways we’ve ignited that spark: by giving to others, in gifts we have received, and in special times shared with family and friends. First, we reveal moments when giving to others has sparked wonder for both the recipient and the giver.

Holiday_Trampoline_JonJon Clements, Account Director:

“Last Christmas we gave our son Micah an indoor trampoline. He loved the one at school so much that he would cry when we tried to take him home. He was only two, and didn’t really understand the idea of Christmas and presents that well, but on December 25, we had the trampoline in the living room, covered with a big sheet. At first he was scared to even come into the same room with it. But, then he got excited to pull the sheet off. It wasn’t until he climbed inside the trampoline that the look of pure joy passed over his face as he started bouncing up and down. We could hardly get him out of there for the rest of the day.”


Holiday_Trains_RobRob Pasquinucci, Content Strategist:

“Watching your child open presents gets better and better each year. Last year, we got our son a table to play with toy trains, cars and Legos. He was thrilled, and his unbridled joy inspired me to channel the sense of wonder I had when I was his age. Watching him roll his toy cars and trains around, making up stories about the tiny world he had created took me back to my childhood. There was no limit to my imagination as I played with those cars. A shoebox was a garage. A carpeted floor was a snow-covered street. The track for the shower doors became a car wash conveyor. It was a reminder to keep pushing my imagination – looking at challenges in fresh ways, turning off past experiences that can make me feel jaded, and just letting my imagination run wild.”


Holiday_Dog_DaveDave Townsend, President:

“One of my fondest memories of Christmas as a kid was watching our dog open his presents. Each year, he’d get a gigantic rawhide bone. It was the only time he was allowed to have one, because he would chew through them so quickly he would make himself sick. But, on Christmas day our dog was given a huge gift-wrapped bone right before we all started to open our presents. His unbridled energy and excitement as he ripped through the wrapping paper was infectious. Pure happiness is how I remember it! It inspired all of us as we opened our own gifts. The simple action of opening something wrapped-up just for us was a big part of the joy of the season, regardless of what was inside.”

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