Receiving the Spark:

Have you ever received a gift that lit up your imagination or inspired you to follow your dreams? As we remind ourselves at Intrinzic to “be the light we wish to see” this holiday season, we’re celebrating moments that spark wonder. This week, we recall times when that spark was given to us, igniting our creativity and inspiring us to share it with others.

Savannah Heekin, Graphic Designer:

“When I was a teenager my mom gave me a necklace inscribed with ‘we all shine differently’ on it for Christmas. No one in my family had pursued a career in the arts and I was feeling unsure if I should follow my passion or take on a more traditional career path. That necklace and the message on it inspired me to be my true self. It gave me so much joy to know that my mom supported and encouraged my journey regardless of the path that I chose. That simple gesture illuminated the path for my future and gave me the courage and strength to be unapologetically me.”

Katie Peters, Account Director:

“When I was a little girl I really wanted a dollhouse for Christmas. I became obsessed with them after my dad took me to a dollhouse museum while on a family trip to Washington, D.C. That year, instead of buying me a dollhouse for Christmas, my dad built me one that was an exact replica of our house. He nailed every detail, even using scraps from our actual wallpaper for the walls. While I loved it, I didn’t appreciate at the time how special that dollhouse would be to me as I got older. My parents moved out of that house as soon as I graduated from high school – the ‘For Sale’ sign literally went up in the yard the morning of my graduation. I was devastated. Eventually, I recovered, and now I love that I still have that dollhouse as a reminder of my childhood home. It taught me the value of a truly thoughtful gift and sparked in me the desire to use my creativity and imagination to find ways to make people happy.”

Sarah Eisenman, Associate Design Director:

“When I was in the second grade, I found my passion for drawing. I would make my entire family custom drawings and artwork for every occasion and holiday. My grandmother was always very encouraging of my talents and hung my custom 2nd grade artwork in her kitchen. It was that year during our family Christmas that she presented me with a very, very large package. I was instantly intrigued and very excited to open the gift. As I peered inside, I saw that my grandmother had given me the largest artist’s toolkit I had ever seen—full of every spectrum of markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, and chalk you could imagine. It blew me away!

It was an overwhelmingly generous gift. I believe that when my grandma embraced my creative spirit and passion for drawing, even at the age of seven, she sparked my artistic career path. From that moment on, you couldn’t keep me away from my sketch pad or from entering every local drawing competition in the area. From then on, I was known as the ‘creative one’ among my family and friends. It was this gift that inspired me to continue to follow my personal passions, to push myself to learn new skills and mediums, and to be thankful that I had an encouraging and loving support system that would motivate me throughout my career.”

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