National Entrepreneurship Month Spotlight:

Meggan Sulfsted puts careful consideration into curating the most enjoyable experience for shoppers at her Madeira boutique, Camargo Trading. She wants her guests to leave feeling like they were greeting with a warm smile, sensational sights and endless lifestyle inspiration. Did we mention, they even get to enjoy her homemade Christmas cookies while shopping the store during the holiday season?

While Camargo Trading has solidified a spot on the local must-shop list, Meggan thought she could do more to strengthen her brand. She wanted to refine the brand’s presence in the marketplace, so we partnered with Meggan to explore opportunities to enhance the store’s digital footprint and elevate their current look and feel. Through this partnership, we evolved her brandmark, expanded the brand portfolio to include an array of own-able patterns and palettes, and even created a unique distinguishable line for their bridal registry.

We are excited to share an inside look at the boutique business.

What’s the cornerstone of your brand?

We strive to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for each and every customer that comes in our door. For example, we kick-off our holiday season with an Open House in early November, and each day after that, offer cider and homemade cookies for our guests to enjoy. We want each customer to relish his or her experience in the store, so that they want to come back time and time again.

How do you relate to your target audience?

My target audience is people I know and care about. Some customers have supported me since the inception of my business and have watched both my children and my store grow. My customers have turned into friends who are treated like family. As result, I want to do what I can to connect them to the newest trends and the most premier products, so they have access to the best there is to buy.

How do you remain inspired?

Attending the different markets around the country keeps me inspired. I love going to see all of the new products, designers and trends. I leave the markets with a list of all of the styles we will see for the following year. It also excites me to hear what the Pantone Color of the Year will be. Additionally, I read over 20 magazines a month and try to follow what is “hot.” Educating my customers on the must-haves of the season is part of my job.

Who do you find is your biggest supporter?

Wow, I feel I have so many supporters! I would say my family, my staff and the entire community are always behind me. Most recently, it felt great to have so many people respond to our placement in the Scout Guide. I received many kind words in person and via email.

Year after year, I love seeing all of the wonderful faces enter my shop. Camargo Fans are the best!

(Image as seen in the Scout Guide – Cincinnati, OH)

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