National Entrepreneurship Month Spotlight:

With more than 40 craft beers on tap, The Growler House has big dreams for revitalizing the beer heritage of Cincinnati, one growler at a time. They believe in beer heavy on personality and light on hassle, enjoyed at their bar or served up grab-and-go style in a growler. The Growler House is not just a bar or a craft experience, but a way of life.

Intrinzic helped launch The Growler House and educate the community about the concept. Since opening, the neighborhood has embraced the business with open arms and it is now the gathering place for craft beer lovers and locals alike. The Growler House is becoming a well-known destination for rare taps, and are continuing to partner with some of the most credible brewers to educate and celebrate the craft beer experience.

We’re happy to share a “taste” of this business and advice Jason has for other entrepreneurs. Cheers!

#### What inspired you to start your business?

Born and raised on the West Coast, my family began vacationing in Bend, Oregon around 1991 and has been vacationing there ever since. My mother’s family is all now residing in Bend. Throughout this time, I saw the craft beer industry grow from a few players to 22-plus breweries in a town of less than 100,000 people. And the breweries are not mom-and-pop breweries. Deschuettes Brewery is a top 10 brewery in the country. On a trip back in 2013, my family members from Bend brought several growlers to dinner one night. That simply started the conversation of the viability in Cincinnati, and as they say, the rest is history. Lucky for us Cincinnati was just about to have a craft beer explosion.

#### What need(s) did your business fulfill in the marketplace?

Craft beer in the past three years has exploded in Cincinnati. When taking on this endeavor, our original thought was to have the most rare beers and cater to the “beer geeks.” We found out that our neighborhood needed us more. East Walnut Hills is the next big renaissance in Cincinnati and the people that live here know it. And what we found is our neighborhood (marketplace) needed a place to gather and be neighbors. So we quickly changed and became a place for neighbors to come sit and have a beer with other neighbors. We also filled the need of not having to run to five different breweries to get their beers. We have 30 taps with virtually every local brewery represented.

#### What advice would you share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

Believe in you. And be willing to take a leap of faith. Everyone has an idea, few act on them. I think the most important thing that I was insistent on was respect our brand and have a plan. The idea is yours, so the plan can be what you want it to be, but it’s important to not doubt your plan. Follow it, tinker with it, adjust it where needed, but don’t change it. And be true to your brand. Make sure when someone sees your logo or walks into to your establishment, they know exactly who you are and what you do.

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