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Pantone of the year ultra violet
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Pantone’s Color of the Year is Pretty…Ultra:

Every year Pantone, the “world-renowned authority on color” sends a team to scour the globe for emerging design trends to inform their release of the color of the year. While many companies use it as a marketing ploy to sell “limited edition” lipsticks and accessories, it’s undeniable that the psychology of color is one of the most powerful tools that influences our everyday lifestyles and purchasing habits. For me, as a designer, Pantone’s color system is a part of my everyday life and their decision is a welcomed opportunity for inspiration. Color is so much more than an arbitrary decision but rather a form of...
Posted by Savannah Heekin
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Branding shouldn’t be a puzzle…

As a creative, I am constantly searching for meaningful inspiration. When I came across the Clemens Habicht Color Puzzles, in which each jigsaw piece is an individual color that must be placed exactly in relation to every other color, I thought it would make a perfect collaborative challenge for the Intrinzic design team. After all, putting together the pieces of a brand is like putting together the pieces of a complex puzzle. It takes the ability to fuse science and method with creativity and innovation, with the goal of communicating and visualizing a strategic and compelling point of view. Our mission at Intrinzic everyday is...
Posted by Sarah Fry

Design doesn’t happen in a vacuum at agencies – collaboration is key:

As students, we are taught to design with integrity and passion, to create beautiful smart and new solutions. This changes when translating that design training to the real world of a marketing agency, where a shift toward [client-focused design](http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/how-important-client-focused-design-5126323) becomes the priority. Whether designing for emerging trends, digital technologies, tight timelines, budgets, or a client with unclear values or goals, it becomes critical to consider a variety of factors and influences to create thoughtful design solutions. In the agency world, any given project comes with a large number of influencers and factors to consider in the process of creating a design solution. Whether it’s a...
Posted by Abby Otting
Cincinnati design

A Fairy Tale Approach:

As a young girl, who may or may not have watched Cinderella to the point of the VHS permanently jamming in the VCR, I was very familiar with the fairy tale story. Although, the world of fairy tales quickly dissipated as I realized my adoring fan club of mice refused to complete my daily chores, the birds outside my window never made it inside to craft my couture gown, and there were no available princes in Northern Kentucky. With utter disappointment, I left behind the stories that once captivated my imagination and hope for the future. Little do I think about fairy tales today or...
Posted by Abby Otting


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