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One perfect shot:

Imagine: you’ve gathered the perfect team. The weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy in the low 70s. The models are all on time. The food is ordered. The equipment is set up and working properly. The subject matter—a mint condition 1967 Ford Mustang is…uh oh. Where’s the car? If one piece of this delicate puzzle is missing, the whole photoshoot could fall apart. Tens of thousands of dollars to capture these few shots, and it could all go down the drain. Try again tomorrow? Well, the photographer is booked tomorrow, it looks like it is supposed to rain, and we have six other shots...
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Building Collaborative Brands:

Back in 2006, two fisherman brothers is Austin, Texas were frustrated with how quickly ice melted in their coolers during a long day on the lake. They decided to do something about it, and they created a product that revolutionized an entire industry. The company came to be known as Yeti, and in 2016 alone they increased their market value by over 500%. This is a story we’ve heard countless times before. Reed Hastings hated paying late fees on video rentals, and went on to found Netflix, which revolutionized the video rental business. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia could not afford the rent for their...
Posted by Chris Heile

What the world needs now:

It’s that time of year when the talent pool is flooded with new graduates optimistically taking their first big step into the professional world. And invariably the business community is ready to offer advice and assess the skills of these potential co-workers and employees. The blogosphere is full of posts advocating this skill or that personality trait as “the most important or most lacking” for new grads. For better or for worse, I’m adding to the cacophony of opinions on this topic, because there’s one skill that I believe will take you further than most. And it’s almost never mentioned. Undervalued in the work place...
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