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Culture-centric companies win in the experience economy:

It has been almost 20 years since Joseph Pine and James Gilmore introduced the business world to the idea of the “experience economy.” This idea—that audiences buy experiences over products or services—is more relevant today than it has ever been. Experience drives business and buying decisions regardless of whether you are selling to other businesses or to consumers. Experience is your brand whether you realize it or not. The person answering the phone, the technician who fixes the glitch, the way you send an invoice, or the shelf your product is currently sitting on are all aspects of the overall brand experience and they are...
Posted by Dave Townsend

Building Collaborative Brands:

Back in 2006, two fisherman brothers is Austin, Texas were frustrated with how quickly ice melted in their coolers during a long day on the lake. They decided to do something about it, and they created a product that revolutionized an entire industry. The company came to be known as Yeti, and in 2016 alone they increased their market value by over 500%. This is a story we’ve heard countless times before. Reed Hastings hated paying late fees on video rentals, and went on to found Netflix, which revolutionized the video rental business. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia could not afford the rent for their...
Posted by Chris Heile

What the world needs now:

It’s that time of year when the talent pool is flooded with new graduates optimistically taking their first big step into the professional world. And invariably the business community is ready to offer advice and assess the skills of these potential co-workers and employees. The blogosphere is full of posts advocating this skill or that personality trait as “the most important or most lacking” for new grads. For better or for worse, I’m adding to the cacophony of opinions on this topic, because there’s one skill that I believe will take you further than most. And it’s almost never mentioned. Undervalued in the work place...
Posted by Dave Townsend

The Undeniable Magnetism of Brand Culture:

Customers today are skeptics. Who can blame us? In the last ten years, we’ve lived through the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression. People feel they’ve been burned by our financial and government institutions. For brands, the Great Recession was the final nail in the coffin of smoke and mirrors marketing. Nearly 10 years later, I think marketing has changed for the better. The internet of things has brought people access to unprecedented information, giving us more power in the choices we make about what to buy. Now, the most successful brands are those that are deeply in touch with who they are and...
Posted by Wendy Vonderhaar


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