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Channeling my inner entrepreneur:

I once was in a job interview, and the interviewer asked me, “What makes you different then anyone else that applies for this job? What sort of books do you read?” Needless to say a Nicholas Sparks novel wasn’t what he was looking for. He wanted to know, what do I do that continues to feed my curiosity and make me stand out among my peers? His question has stuck with me for years, as I’ve come to better understand the challenges of staying motivated and inspired as I work towards my career and life goals. For me, the boom in podcasts has made it...
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The Brand Recipe Box:

Since its launch seven years ago, Pinterest has revolutionized the ways we share baking and recipe inspiration. The app keenly harnessed peoples’ desire for pretty pictures and the sensorial nature of food photography became a driver of the platform. Taking a cue from Pinterest, content creators such as Buzzfeed’s Tasty optimized the “how to” video for social, depicting mouthwatering kitchen creations as so quick and easy to assemble that you can’t not want to at least give them a try just once. If you look at recipe books I owned pre-Pinterest, you will find post-it tabs of tried and true recipes to use again, along...
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