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Building Collaborative Brands:

Back in 2006, two fisherman brothers is Austin, Texas were frustrated with how quickly ice melted in their coolers during a long day on the lake. They decided to do something about it, and they created a product that revolutionized an entire industry. The company came to be known as Yeti, and in 2016 alone they increased their market value by over 500%. This is a story we’ve heard countless times before. Reed Hastings hated paying late fees on video rentals, and went on to found Netflix, which revolutionized the video rental business. Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia could not afford the rent for their...
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Confessions of an Agency Intern:

Written By: Jordyn Kerr, Marketing Communication Co-op It seems like just yesterday that I was stepping through the doors of Intrinzic for my first day as a co-op, nervously introducing myself to everyone and completely unsure of what the semester would hold. A few months earlier, I was just a third year student at the University of Cincinnati (UC) looking for a new experience and some direction as to what career I’d like to pursue someday. Now, nearly five months later, I’m in disbelief that my co-op semester is almost over. I must confess, this experience was not what I expected it to be. UC’s...
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ThurZday with Sarah Eisenman

ThurZday with Sarah Eisenman:

Let us introduce Sarah Eisenman. Learn how her passion for yoga fuels her creative drive. Sarah is a lead designer for the agency’s branding and marketing initiatives. She has worked with a variety of clients, including [Vya](https://intrinzicbrands.com/work/vya-simplified-marketing-systems/), [Nocona Boots](https://intrinzicbrands.com/work/nocona/) and [Tavern Restaurant Group](https://intrinzicbrands.com/work/the-pub-tavern-restaurant-group/), giving her a wide range of experience. She is also a web designer and social media marketer, who creates responsive designs and strategic social media content. Sarah’s passion for design and brand building is contagious, making her the perfect person to manage the agency’s co-op program. Sarah is a mentor in the community with Boys & Girls Clubs and AIGA and also...
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