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Connecting with journalists

Connecting with Journalists:

How can you be successful with media relations these days? It seems it’s getting harder and harder to get the attention of media contacts and build productive media relationships. Journalists are inundated with email – and email is so 2000 and late anyway. Before we talk about some new ways of thinking about media relations, let’s remember some of the tried-and-true tips of [effective media relations](http://www.adweek.com/prnewser/the-pr-pros-guide-to-effective-media-relations/118050). The foundational tenets still apply: Know your subject matter, do your research and make sure your story idea is soundly newsworthy and fits with the journalist’s subject matter. You have to be willing to give as much if not...
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The hiring process

The Hiring Process:

“You’ll just know when you’ve found the right one” is a phrase I have heard a lot lately as my husband and I have been on the hunt for our first home. This is also a phrase we often hear throughout our careers during the hiring process. After looking at countless houses over the last year, meticulously inspecting and picking apart details of every candidate, we still had not found “the one.” I started to think I was given false hope. I conceded that we were just going to have to settle and do what we could to make one choice our own. That is...
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