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What the world needs now:

It’s that time of year when the talent pool is flooded with new graduates optimistically taking their first big step into the professional world. And invariably the business community is ready to offer advice and assess the skills of these potential co-workers and employees. The blogosphere is full of posts advocating this skill or that personality trait as “the most important or most lacking” for new grads. For better or for worse, I’m adding to the cacophony of opinions on this topic, because there’s one skill that I believe will take you further than most. And it’s almost never mentioned. Undervalued in the work place...
Posted by Dave Townsend
brand authenticity

Being your brand’s true self:

Authenticity is all a buzz in the marketing world these days; but have you ever stopped to ask why? Why are companies working so hard to convince us that they are authentic? But it seems the more they say it the less we believe it. This is probably because corporate America spent decades being anything but authentic – they were the poster-child of inauthenticity because they were creating facades and stories that did not have to have much substance behind them because regular, everyday customers did not have the ability to see behind the facade. And let’s face it; the historically transactional nature of the...
Posted by Abby Otting


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