Look What We Can Do When We Do It Together:

Human connection. It’s the moment where magic happens. Our desire for it leads us to new people and ideas, and brings us back to the ones we love. It expands our minds and our perspectives, inspires us to bridge the unknown, and reveals the hearts of others.

Connection drives collaboration. But this powerful force doesn’t just happen. It must be practiced, promoted, and celebrated.

This holiday season, Intrinzic is celebrating the connections we’ve made this year, collaborating with brands of all types and sizes. From non-profits and start-ups, to universities and global corporations, we’ve met advocates, educators and entrepreneurs who have inspired us to create the brands, design the experiences, and fine-tune the messaging that put their passions in front of more people, building their audiences and growing their loyal customer base.

We thank every client who chose us as their brand collaborators this year. You’ve inspired us with your dedication to your businesses, your openness to new ideas, and the work we’ve done together. Here’s a peek at a few of these brands, who we’re also featuring in case studies this month.

College of Informatics, Northern Kentucky University

We were thrilled to work with Northern Kentucky University’s College of Informatics in 2017, capturing their vision with a brand that communicates how the power of information is used to realize the potential of our communities, our world and ourselves.


We’re always inspired by our longtime collaborators, AAA, as we help them evolve their brand story and product architecture to create a cohesive and highly valued member experience.

Safety Week

Thanks to Safety Week for another year of meaningful collaboration on their annual campaign focused on bringing the construction industry together to eliminate the risk of injury on job sites across the USA.

Pets For Patients

It was an honor to work with Pets for Patients this year, as they expand their work to place shelter and rescue animals in forever homes with patients who can benefit from the companionship and comfort care only a pet can provide.


In 2017 we worked with longtime collaborator Utility Trailer Manufacturing’s Aftermarket Parts Division to reinvigorate their annual International Dealer Meeting in Chandler, Arizona. Their commitment to partnership, as they work to support their dealers and suppliers, is a dose of inspiration we can all use.

Kingsgate Transportation & Logistics

We collaborated with Kingsgate Transportation and Logistics this year to create a brand and website that reflect the innovative and inclusive mindset that each generation of the company instills in the next, always moving Kingsgate and their customers forward in a market that never stops.

CR architecture + design

We were inspired by our new partners this year—CR architecture + design—and their approach to design that allows the spaces they create to motivate, simplify and inspire.

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky

With Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky, the region now has a fund dedicated to advancing the vital and vibrant facets of our community that make us proud to call this our home.


There’s a pretty good chance that if you’ve ever bought a piece of hardware, it was made by Hillman. We were thrilled to partner with these longtime collaborators again this year, helping them evolve their website to better connect customers to their products.