Springtime work

If you’re from any where in the Midwest to the East Coast, you’ve had quite the winter this year. Born and raised in Cincinnati, I can’t remember a time where it snowed so much and stuck around for so long (I wasn’t around yet during the legendary winter of 1977.) It’s been a long three months filled with snow days, traffic jams and layers upon layers, but daylight savings time this past weekend seemed to have made the official switch!

While the point of daylight savings time has been debated for years, and many people have strong opinions about it, I try to see the positives of more sunshine and warmer weather that are associated with it – even if it means losing an hour of sleep, which never gets easier. After what seems like years of confinement inside, we finally get to experience the outdoors and you don’t have to limit your experience to only evening or weekend excursions! Here are three ways you can take advantage of sunshine and warm weather at work:

###Work outside
Been in the office too long? Air seeming stuffy and lighting seeming forced? Give your eyes and lungs a break and go outside! Getting up and working outside can lead to stress relief and attention restoration leading to productivity. At Intrinzic, we are lucky enough to have a large balcony where we can work or eat lunch. Don’t have this option? Find an eating area outside at your office building, go to a park during your lunch break or even sit on the outdoor office steps.

###Take a walk (to lunch, work, a meeting, etc.)
Working at Newport on the Levee, I’ve been able to walk two minutes and stay inside to get lunch. Now that it’s getting warmer, I can take a full hour break, go outside and get away from my desk! Take a walk outside by yourself or with your co-workers to lunch or a meeting. It will lift your mood and the fresh air will boost your energy.

###Go for a run
Many of my fellow employees go for a run during their lunch hour to get their daily exercise and refresh their minds. It’s great for physical and mental health. You can do it together or alone, but it is possible and will provide great benefits in work and overall life!

What are some ways you incorporate the warm weather and sunshine into your workday? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter via @IntrinzicSays.