Impactful writing

Strategy often gets overlooked in the writing process, and even sometimes in the dissemination process, as we trip over our feet getting out the door to the newest and shiniest social trend or tool. Spending time getting, and planning, the big picture will give you stronger content and have a more powerful impact. Here are three ways to do just that:

###Know your audience
This includes external and internal audiences. Being able to successfully define your audience can make all the difference. What are your client’s business goals? What does your client want from the project? Most importantly: What does your audience care about?

###Create a framework
Develop tools that will guide all content – from blogs to social media posts, brochures to press releases and everything in between. Define the voice, create the message track and identify content pillars to serve as a cornerstone of all communication and ensure consistency.

###Evaluate and adjust
Your framework is just that – a framework. Is something not working as expected? Adjust your approach. Constantly evaluate and identify opportunities to improve. Tweak until you see the results you expect.

Simply put, the writing is not the most important part of creating blogs, ads, brochures or any other form of content. It’s the time spent researching, shaping and implementing solid strategy that positions clients and brands to develop meaningful, impactful connections with their audiences.

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