Retaining Talent:

Retaining talent is at the forefront of our goals for 2016. It takes a lot of effort to seek out and attract top talent. Once you’ve got it, you need to keep it. After coming off the merger of two companies in 2015, we are really trying to keep it simple at Intrinzic. We are a service-based business, so our business is our people. It sounds easy, but [what does it really take to achieve this]( It has forced us to dig deep and define how we retain talent within our organization.

Here’s the Intrinzic take:

#### 1. Clear purpose
Why do we all show up to work each day? What drives us? [A company’s purpose should be clearly defined]( and meaningful – this is what inspires us all to show up each day. When the going gets tough, if this is not clear, it is easy for your talent to get disillusioned and throw in the towel.

#### 2. Strong leadership
Let’s face it … if you can’t get the team to buy into the vision and plan, you won’t be successful. This takes leaders who are clear with the direction of the organization and work to ensure the company stays on course and balances both the results with the people side of the business.

#### 3. Proactive career development
Is this process defined? Do people know their career options? Are they growing and learning? Are future leaders being developed?

#### 4. Competitive compensation/benefits
This is not why we all show up for work each day, but these offerings must be competitive in order to retain talent. Where do you benchmark against the competition?

#### 5. Positive culture
Is there a positive energy? You spend a lot of time at work – are you spending it with people you like and respect and in an environment where you can thrive?

If you want to retain and grow your talent, [you need to be firing on all cylinders]( in each of these areas. Our focus is to do just that and we are off to a great start. The beauty is that we are involving the entire organization in the process and having some fun along the way.

What is your organization doing to retain and grow your people? Share your thoughts below.