Content Marketing:

When it comes to content marketing, sometimes it’s a struggle to identify tips to keep your writing fresh. Writing about the same topic day in and day out can start to feel a little stale. It seems like every word you write is one you’ve written before. Coming up with great headlines, a relevant angle and the perfect lead, even after you’ve set a [content strategy](, developed pillars and created personas, can get tough. So, what can you do to keep content fresh? Here are a few of my favorite tips:

#### 1. Take a break
Sounds scary, I know. But it’s one of the best ways to get out of a writing rut. Make a plan to share the most popular blogs or e-books so readers don’t forget about you, and use that time to retool and refresh, which takes me to my next tip.

#### 2. Talk to people
It’s all too easy for content marketers to get stuck at their desks churning out blogs, social media posts or e-books. Talk to people – your target audience, sales people and customer service reps – to get a new perspective on what people are saying, and what they are interested in.

#### 3. Review and re-evaluate content pillars
Next, take a minute to review your content pillars. (And if you don’t have any, now is the time to make them.) Content pillars are key to guide the copy, but these shouldn’t stay static.

Look at how certain topics from your pillars perform. Are there any surprises? Did you learn anything new talking to people? Have any new business goals developed since you created the initial pillars? Taking a step back to evaluate what your covering can help jumpstart the writing process again.

#### 4. Refine and strengthen voice
Now that you’ve updated content pillars, take a look at voice. After all, how you write something is just as important as what you write. Does it resonate with audiences? Is it true to your brand? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself. Content Marketing Institute has a great blog on [defining your voice in just three words](

#### 5. Shake things up
Finally, once you’ve refocused and reset content strategy – try something new! Step away from the familiar blog posts, white papers and marketing briefs. Try out SlideShare, learn SnapChat, make a video or create an infographic. Trying new mediums, even when covering the same topic, is a great way to spark your creativity and come up with fresh and engaging ways to write about your subject.

These are just a few tips for approaching content marketing in a way that keeps your writing engaging and interesting. How do you keep content fresh?