Vya came to Intrinzic after acquiring Direct Options, a marketing science firm. This impactful acquisition presented an extraordinary opportunity to not only expand Vya’s wide breadth of services, but also to elevate the entirety of the brand. As Direct Options are experts in utilizing customer data to reveal insights, strategies and solutions for understanding target audiences, this acquisition brought current Vya customers one of the industry’s most powerful marketing and targeting tools.
While the acquisition elevated Vya’s capabilities, it also presented the opportunity to quickly expand the scale and sophistication of Vya’s customer base. Given the depth of data and analytics now available through Direct Options’ capabilities and expertise, Vya had the opportunity to carve out a unique and truly differentiating position in the marketplace.

The Intrinzic team was tasked with integrating and updating the brand to express the depth of this new range of powerful capabilities and tools. This project was a careful exercise in balancing what the Vya brand had already successfully established—through hard work, consistency and marketplace development—and expanding the vision and customer base for the future state of the organization. In addition, the team had to ensure that updated brand would be seen as a positive for more executional customers, while opening entirely new doors for potential customers.

Inspired by the concept of delivering marketing to “the last mile,” we created a strategy rooted in Vya’s ability to truly advance marketing in all ways and deliver data intelligence that could be customized to a regional, local and even individual level.

Given the range of industries and customers that Vya serves, and could potentially serve, we proposed creating a sub-brand for the data capability: Vya Data. This flexible sub-brand strategy allowed for a range of branding expressions, so that the Vya primary brand could stand alone or be integrated with Vya Data based on customer needs.

Visually, our team was inspired to modernize Vya’s brand toolbox, introducing tech-inspired patterns, a bright, energetic color palette and streamlined fonts.

By updating key foundational elements—including the Vya Brand Architecture, Value Proposition, Tagline and Visual Assets—we were able to successfully evolve the existing Vya brand and maximize the market opportunity for the organization.

The results served to elevate the Vya brand and its service offerings, create a Vya Data sub-brand that instills high levels of confidence in data capability and supports, enhances and modernizes the primary aspects of all of Vya’s capabilities.