Miller Valentine Construction

The Miller-Valentine Group was in the midst of a transformation. As they consolidated their services and structure to bring more focus to the organization, they needed to reemerge with a strong voice and vision for their future as a leader and innovator in the construction industry—one that reflected the values and culture that their longstanding legacy was built upon.
To better reflect how the business had evolved since their founding in 1963, the company called on the Intrinzic team to help them navigate and develop a new brand architecture, along with a new name that brought more clarity to what they do: Miller Valentine Construction. We were then tasked with building a strategy to bring the new brand to life in a way that would resonate internally and externally, elevate their true point of difference as both a best-in-class construction partner and an employer, and tell a cohesive story across all of their offices and markets.
We were inspired by the Miller Valentine Construction promise—to customers, partners and team members—to build certainty with everything they do. By fostering and embracing a culture of continuous improvement, the company has proven they are a central force powering the path to new thinking, ideas and outcomes as they work to improve the process, the way they work and the way things are built every day.

We were also inspired by the company’s belief in the power of their people who work relentlessly to find new, smarter, better ways to build greater efficiency and predictability into every project and every relationship. The passion, energy and character of their team would be woven into every expression of the brand not just today, but as they continue to grow with intention and focus in the future.

The Attributes and Value Proposition formed the strategic foundation for the brand’s new look, tone and feel. This unique “fingerprint” comes to life through a new visual identity and messaging across a newly-designed website, building signage, videos and other branded sales materials (even a truck!). Additional tools including a brand archetype and company manifesto gave the team something to rally behind and represent with pride every day whether in the office or the field.

We also developed a launch video and facilitated brand training for the entire organization to help them confidently embrace, amplify and sell the most important aspects of who they are and what they do.