KLH Engineers


As KLH Engineers had shifted their internal culture and external position within their industry to be one of innovators and collaborators, they were in need of a new website to reflect the size and sophistication of their organization, while being a tool to drive inquiry from potential clients.


The Intrinzic team was tasked with telling the KLH story: articulating the uniqueness of the organization in a way that would resonate both internally throughout the firm and externally to their various audiences in a digital experience. In addition, the team needed to create a user-centric website structure that would aid users in the discovery of key information, services and projects to encourage them to take the first step in building a trusted relationship with the firm.


We were inspired by many facets of KLH’s culture and company drive: their calling to challenge complacency, their charismatic and collaborative teams, and their dedication to refusing to accept that the way things have always been done is the only way to do them. As a firm, they are dedicated to giving everyone who works there a voice and an opportunity to learn, create and grow to improve not just the experiences of their clients, but the lives of their employees as well. The way they balance innovation with human connection and collaboration provided strong visual inspiration for the website.

We were also inspired by KLH’s existing library of professional renderings and photography, in addition to numerous written case studies, to develop a layout that would highlight and hero these visuals on their new site.


By starting with foundational elements, including Attributes and a Value Proposition, we were able to craft a strong strategic approach to both the website’s messaging as well as its overall look, tone and feel. Implementing new tools, like a Tone of Voice workshop, aided our team in creating an even more authentic reflection of who KLH is as a firm. All of these tools and elements culminated in a spectacular site that put KLH’s drive, culture and dedication to innovation front-and-center.

The results differentiate the firm, elevate their mission within their industry and have already proved to make KLH more “findable” via web searches, as they received numerous inquiries from interested clients within two weeks of launch.