Construction Safety Week

Construction Safety Week is an annual awareness event that encompasses the entire construction industry across the United States and Canada. This year, Intrinzic developed a new brand identity system and narrative to elevate the Safety Week mission and reinforce the unwavering commitment to safety industry-wide. Additionally, the team developed “Built on Safety,” a campaign that called upon people, companies, and the entire industry to join together, celebrate, and recommit to safety as the foundation of everything they do.

Year over year, the level of support and participation in Safety Week continues to grow. Creating a unified look, tone, and feel was a way to take the message of Safety forward, and continue bringing people together to improve the safety culture as one united industry. Intrinzic was given the opportunity to examine the brand at its core and ensure Safety Week’s mission was being brought to life in a meaningful way that connects with the industry and delivers a holistic, consistent message both verbally and visually.

Aside from the branding efforts, Intrinzic was charged with continuing to engage with craft workers, connecting with workers’ family and friends, and reaching the right people within companies to drive action and participation. The ultimate goal for Safety Week 2020 was increasing participation from both member and non-member companies in an effort to share key messages and engage the men and women who have the biggest impact on safety – those who are on the jobsite each day.

Inspired by the uniqueness, traditions, and successes of Safety Week to date, we crafted new graphic assets along with a brand story that could be used as the foundation for the theme development each year. Using the new brand story as inspiration, we developed the campaign theme “Built on Safety,” which empowers every person across every job site to make smart, measured and safe decisions every day. The theme also emphasizes the idea that safety is not a rule, but a belief we all share to protect those we work with. We are built safe because our families at home and at work depend on it.

Building off of the event’s success the previous years, the organization wanted to elevate the importance of construction safety and safety culture by driving audience awareness and engagement. We built this year’s campaign theme on various initiatives in traditional and digital platforms, and deployed a campaign system to ensure the 80+ participating event partners and sponsors could consistently and accurately communicate the message of Safety Week to all levels of the industry. The campaign theme and Safety Week brand were elevated in all graphic elements, language, and tactics, including a fully-redesigned website, planning resources, and more. In an effort to engage workers and families across the industry, we also issued a photo contest that showcased their commitment to making sure that every decision, every operation, and every project is Built on Safety.