Rhinestahl Corporation is one of the most progressive and innovative tooling and advanced manufacturing companies in the nation, serving the aerospace, transportation, and energy industries. Rhinestahl Corporation was experiencing impressive growth across both of their divisions; CTS and AMG. Yet, each division had its own unique challenges based on a changing marketplace. For the first time, CTS found itself in competitive bidding situations; this shift in the landscape required a change in CTS’s approach to securing new contracts. AMG on the other hand, brings an expertise to the market that is in high demand, but was not well known in the highly technical manufacturing space.

It was the perfect time to invest in creating a solid foundation for building a sales and marketing approach that ensured continued growth of both divisions and the company as a whole.

While the organization works in two very different industries – global aircraft engine tooling and advanced manufacturing – and partners with very different teams and customers, there is an undeniable ethic and energy that is shared across the entire organization. Rhinestahl came to Intrinzic to help capture the fire and passion you’ll find within every person who works there, and rally the organization and the marketplace around a powerful brand, image, and message that represents the unique expertise of each group, and the strong connection they have with their customers. Through this highly collaborative project, the client and our team broke down every aspect of the company, the culture and the unique customer needs, and shaped it into a truly inspiring brand that brings the power of Rhinestahl together with the needs and expectations of the marketplace.