After developing an extensive and bold plan to carry their organization forward to 2025, McKinstry was ready to explore a new visual identity, brand position and messaging that would drive action around their new mission, vision and values.

McKinstry is a complex organization, comprised of many capabilities and services spanning traditional MEP to fabrication, energy services and more. This presented several creative challenges, including the need to make this highly diverse offering of products and services intuitive and accessible to customers, connecting the catalogue of products and services to a singular mission, and then connecting the vision of the organization to the practical needs of their customers and marketplace.

The goal was to strengthen the individual services because of their association with the overall brand, while also making the overall brand stronger because of the breadth and quality of its services.

Inspired by the example of Nature as a Living System, the Intrinzic team built a strategy around McKinstry as a Living System: an organization made up of people, culture, passion and community focused on building and evolving built environments that operate at the highest level of efficiency, enabling all within the system to thrive.

Our goal was to develop a brand and message that truly represented who McKinstry is and who they’ve always been. Through our process, we refreshed and defined their Brand Architecture, Value Proposition, Brand Messaging, Logo, Visual Assets and more to create a distinctive feel that captured their dedication to making responsible decisions with positive impacts and high-performing products and services.
The new McKinstry website had to reflect the scope and approach of the organization, while being a tool to drive desired actions across multiple audiences. Our team developed several guiding principles including a visual approach that would propel McKinstry’s thought-leadership to the forefront, clearly articulate each services’ purpose and capabilities, and create an intuitive user-centric structure through an extensive sitemap to ensure every business unit, service and capability was accounted for and easily accessible.