The Mad Horseman

After establishing The Sire hotel, the Rolling Hills Hospitality team had the opportunity to develop out a space for a cocktail bar and lounge within the hotel in Lexington, KY. After their successful partnership in creating The Sire, RHH asked Intrinzic to develop a name and identity for the bar that would reflect the cozy and convivial feel that RHH strives for, while using the interior design concept as a grounding point.
The vision for this cocktail bar was to create an immersive, unique experience, not just another place to grab a drink. With The Sire brand already established and the bar’s interior design concept approved, the Intrinzic team needed to weave together a story and concept born out of the sophisticated energy of Lexington’s racing heritage coupled with a classic Southern-hospitality feel.
Knowing that the interior design concept was to be bold and vibrant, inspired by the colors and patterns of jockey silks, the team explored classic equestrian traditions and racing heritage to create name and logo concepts that would capture the bright, daring characters, storied traditions and palpable excitement of race day.
Quirky, bold, and packing a whole lot of personality, The Mad Horseman combines the untamed energy and enthusiasm with the refined Southern-inspired style that one would expect to find—and feel—on race day.