The Observerie

Moxy is a playful, affordable, and stylish hotel brand that promises bold, eclectic and unique experiences to all who enter. A new location, featuring a rooftop bar, was coming the heart of downtown Cincinnati, bringing a vibrant twist to the city’s hotel landscape. The bar itself would need to reflect the core of Moxy’s spirit with a name and visual identity that celebrates individuality, self-expression, and of course, play.
With the hotel’s interior design and vibe already being established, Intrinzic was tasked with developing an experiential brand for the bar that felt cohesive with the rest of the space, but that would also allow for it to stand alone as a destination in its own right. We needed to create a space where the story, the details, and the feeling come first, and come together in an artistic way that complements the modern, sensorial sophistication of the hotel.
We were inspired by the idea of an escape, an opportunity to be transported to a different world, a place of discovery where the experience would be as unique as the individual. We wanted the name and visuals to embody a different perspective, a change of pace and scenery, the unexpected and discoverable details waiting to reveal themselves around every corner.

Additionally, Moxy is known to pull through the physical manifestations of the geographical area into the hotel based on its location. So we also drew inspiration from elements authentic to the location that would reveal some of the unique curiosities of the Queen City.

Our long, strange trip led us to a name that reflects the bar’s sophisticated atmosphere while bringing its intrigue and originality to the forefront: The Observerie. A cross between shifting your attention or point of view, seeing the world through a different lens and being pleasantly lost in whatever you find.

The logo and visuals shaped a story that promotes imagination, a sense of discovery and a desire to see beyond the ordinary. Bold, sophisticated and slightly eccentric, the brand invites you in and encourages deeper exploration, but also brings focus to the details that can take your experience to the next level. In addition to developing the brand visuals, we also brought the story to life through branded applications including concepts for exterior signage, cocktail menus, and drink coasters.