The Pub

The Pub is an authentic replica of the popular neighborhood drinking establishments that dot the many towns, cities and boroughs of Great Britain. It was founded by Nick Sanders who traveled extensively throughout England, Scotland and Ireland, visiting small towns and big cities every chance he got. In trip after trip, Nick was inexplicably drawn back to the culture, people, and places he would visit along the way.
The Pub was expanding rapidly within lifestyle centers across the US, but the business was facing a dilemma: leaning too heavily on its British heritage could limit The Pub’s long term appeal to the broader, more diverse audience that frequent lifestyle malls, from traditional mall shoppers to happy hour revelers to suburban families.

The Pub needed to evolve in order to grow, meaning the perception and positioning of the brand had to broaden in order to expand its audience, shifting from a perceived drinking establishment to a full-service restaurant, without diluting its hard fought and highly visible brand equity.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the British lifestyle is the unique way old and new fit together in every day life. Only in a country like England can a centuries-old building like the Palace of Westminster sit just meters away from the wildly contemporary London Eye. In London in particular, there is as much love of fusion as there is for traditional foods and alternatively progressive foods. For The Pub, we saw an opportunity to embrace the endless mashups of old and new from the British lifestyle to create infinite possibilities and food and beverage experiences that change and evolve every day.
Through our process and our immersive experience work, we helped The Pub celebrate its British heritage, but feel more eclectic, sophisticated and modern in the process. Traditionalists can now sit next to experience seekers and have interesting conversations, exploring each others wildly different, but equally impassioned perspectives. Our story and positioning was heavily embraced in every aspect of the dining and drinking experience, from the look and feel of the environment, the dress of servers and staff, the heavy training of staff to provide insights and education around history, food, the stores of great whiskey houses and more. This work gave the entire team a clear path to raise above The Pub’s current and somewhat limiting positioning, and establishes a fresh, enticing and uniquely authentic British experience that appeals to both old and young, traditional and progressive customers.