ASRC Industrial

ASRC Industrial is a young company that was rapidly expanding its footprint through strategic acquisitions when they approached Intrinzic. It was a critical time to set the foundation by developing a comprehensive brand strategy, including brand architecture, for a multifaceted brand that is built to address relationships between several dozen sub-brands, naming conventions and service/program brand groupings.

The overarching goal was to become the premier value added service provider focused on the industrial market complex. ASRC Industrial was building capabilities to deploy a wide range of services designed to reduce customers’ risks and long term costs.

Internally and externally there was confusion as to what the current brand stood for. Therefore, we needed to begin stitching their many and vast brands together and create a presence both internally and externally.

The work Intrinzic did included defining the brand strategy, architecture and messaging, naming decisions, and creating a new visual identity with a robust brand toolbox. After that strategic foundation was created we built out an entire website to create an external presence that elevated their business.