The Motz Group and USGreentech decided to strategically join together and form one rebranded organization: Motz. It was time to define a new voice and vision for their future as one consistent, consolidated and influential brand in the marketplaceā€”one that would leverage the experience and expertise they would continue to bring to their customers and the industry.
The Motz Group has built a reputation as a leading service provider of synthetic turf and natural grass field construction, while USGreentech operates in a completely different marketplace, providing turf infill products for sports and landscape applications. This looks like two completely different stories and two different customer bases, so the biggest challenge was to create a single, balanced narrative that encompasses all of the services, products, and people that represent Motz.

They also collectively catered to a complex set of target audiences, so the value position needed to factor in all of the different needs and interest areas in order to resonate across the board. The rebrand needed to reflect the way Motz has grown and expanded in recent years, and the synergy between the products and services across the organization.

We drew inspiration from the qualities that make the organization authentic and unique: the people, the culture, the how and why they do what they do every day. As employee owners, every team member is personally invested in the long-term success of the company and of each other, and this level of dedication is present in every project, process, and relationship. United by their shared values and vision for the future, everyone has a place and purpose in building a legacy that moves the organization and the industry forward.
Our goal was to bring to life a visual and messaging strategy that embodies the strengths of the organization from a stable track record within the industry, to their diverse expertise, and evergreen mindset toward the customers and communities they serve. The attributes and value proposition formed the strategic foundation for the new look, tone, and feel of the Motz brand. The rebrand includes a new visual identity, logo and website, and a vibrant color palette that emphasizes the vitality, longevity, and strength of the Motz culture, team, and customers.
The new Motz website would be a robust combination of two existing sites, so we developed a strategy that captures the breadth and depth of their offerings while telling a unified story that celebrates the unwavering passion and dedication of their team. First and foremost, we needed to create cohesion and consistency in terms of how we were articulating the relationship between services and products, verbally and visually. We brought the strategy to life through design and content development, making sure the brand story and value proposition are thoughtfully woven throughout the site.

View the redesigned website here.