BM2 Freight

BM2 Freight is a logistics company that has seen incredible growth and expansion in recent years. In order to take their brand to the next level, it was time to build a framework and refresh the visual and verbal identity of the brand in order to support the direction of the company and their aspirational goals.

With logistics being a very fast-paced, ever-evolving industry, it was critical for the Intrinzic team to create a visual and verbal brand that expresses the BM2 team’s deep integrity and energetic and close-knit culture while also showing how this is not just a key differentiator for hiring, but also adds immense value to their customer relationships.

Inspired by the straightforward attitude of challenger brands, our team explored messaging, patterns, color palettes, photography treatments and typography that would bring an energetic, authentic and team-focused approach to BM2’s position in the market.

The end result was a bright, energetic new brand identity and toolbox that brings the key differentiators of the BM2 brand to life. Through gridded patterns, simple iconography, splashes of color and bold typography, we illustrated the strong connections, lasting relationships and do-what-we-say-we’ll-do attitude that makes BM2 the strong and engaged partner they are to their clients as well as their own teams.