Triversity Construction

As a fast-growing company, Triversity was looking for a new visual and verbal brand foundation that would activate their unique culture-centric approach and help position them for continued growth. Triversity’s story, history and company culture are unlike any others in their industry, and they were seeking a new visual identity and verbal framework to express their unique approach to their work.
Triversity needed a new way to position themselves in the industry and express their approach to their work. Initially founded as a minority-owned company, Triversity was seeking a way to honor their history, express their position of excellence and celebrate their minority-led status while shedding preconceived notions that “minority” means a small shop or lesser-qualified team.
The more our team asked questions, listened and dug deeper, the more we understood how Triversity’s openness makes them a different kind of company. Their high level of diversity meant they approached their culture, their work, and their relationships differently. Their collective ability to listen, collaborate and hold their work to a higher standard enables them to discover better solutions, build deeper connections and deliver better outcomes.

Triversity’s culture had been this way from their founding, but through our strategic approach, our team helped them understand the immense and significant impact their approach had on their work and their relationships. This realization was a kind of “lightbulb moment” that solidified Triversity’s new positioning and propelled their brand forward for the next phase of their growth story.

The resulting brand strategy and expression fully captures the beliefs, passions and perspectives of Triversity’s people. The new visual toolbox highlights Triversity’s focus on relationships and how those relationships net better outcomes for all. From the vibrant color palette and human-centric photography to the bold presence of their new identity, Triversity’s updated brand brings all of their expertise, experience and diverse perspectives together to build the next generation of construction.