Graphic Village

Since 1921, Graphic Village has been recognized as an industry leader for delivering innovative solutions, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional service. Through strategic acquisitions and organic growth, they’ve evolved into the largest print marketing solutions provider in the Greater Cincinnati region. It was time to create a new, powerful brand and message that elevates their focus and vision for the future: bring all of the right people, ideas, companies, technology, and expertise together seamlessly to not only continue delivering beyond expectations, but to also redefine the standard of print in the industry.

Through years of consistent growth, the company has expanded their capabilities to include packaging, mailing, fulfillment, and creative services, as well as expand their reach with four operating locations to date. In order to showcase the scale and expertise they’ve amassed over the years, they needed a carefully-crafted narrative that captures everything from the people to the processes and systems that made the organization what it is today, but that will also be the driving force for growth moving forward.

Their team represents a range of skills, mindsets, interests, and experiences, so we also had to identify what key commonalities could be brought to the forefront to tell a cohesive story that inspired and united the organization internally. Another challenge was finding a way to stand out in an industry where every company provides essentially the same services and talks about themselves in the same way. So our strategy needed to focus not on what they do, but how they uniquely do it.

After conducting several intake sessions with individuals representing all aspects of the organization, in a variety of roles and across all operating locations, we uncovered key insights on the qualities that make them authentic and unique: the people, the culture, the how and why they show up every day. Their commitment to constant improvement and the immense pride they feel in their work came through in every conversation, and served as a key source of inspiration. Our goal was to position Graphic Village as not just another large printing company, not just another place to work, but an organization that can be a force in the industry. A company with the scale, scope, expertise and people that add value to every project and relationship, and that can take print to the next level.

We also drew inspiration from The Architect, a metaphor we used to highlight how their collaborative approach elevates every aspect of their craft. Openness, communication, and truly collaborating throughout the process demonstrates how their expertise, long history, technology and the quality of our people bring more to every single project.

Our goal was to bring to life a visual and messaging strategy that embodies the strengths of the organization, builds some excitement around their vision for the future, and communicates that every piece – no matter how small – is critical to the success of the whole. The attributes and value proposition formed the strategic foundation for the new look, tone, and feel of Graphic Village. This unique “fingerprint” comes to life through a new visual identity and messaging across a newly-designed website, branded sales and collateral materials, videos, and signage. The rebrand also includes a unique color strategy designed to allow their work and impact on their people, clients, and the community to shine.

We also developed a launch strategy and facilitated brand training for the entire organization to help them confidently embrace, amplify and sell the most important aspects of who they are and what they do.

The new Graphic Village website needed to say and show a lot to paint the full picture of this continuously growing organization, so our strategy was all about balance. The navigation needed to be clear and intuitive while also allowing flexibility for exploration and natural growth. Our first objective was to provide clarity around their breadth of services and capabilities while also showcasing their scale and reach. We also wanted to elevate the company culture and collaborative approach that leads to the proven outcomes that make them a premier print partner in the region.

We brought the strategy to life through design and content development, making sure the value proposition and the work shine as a true point of differentiation.