TANK Billboard
TANK Billboard

TANK provides more than 3 million trips across Northern Kentucky and Downtown Cincinnati, every year. This critical service connects neighbors to communities, employees to work and people across the region to the places they need to visit – from doctors’ offices and grocery stores to parks, restaurants, sporting events and many points in between. 

In 2018, TANK is making it easier than ever for people to ride the bus with the launch of Real-Time Bus Tracking. This new technology enables riders to know when exactly their bus will arrive. TANK turned to Intrinzic, their long-time marketing partner, to help announce the launch of RealTime Bus Tracking.

The biggest challenge TANK often faces is one that many other brands would love to have: TANK is such a well-known name and presence on the roads that it must sometimes work twice as hard for audiences to sit up and pay attention to the familiar sight of its buses.

Intrinzic knew our plan would need to reach audience members where they were and surround them with messages about the ease and convenience of TANK.

We wanted to elevate TANK in the community and capture the attention of busy audience members, including current and prospective riders who are rushing through their day on their way to work, home or running errands. Goals for our campaign focused on increasing awareness of TANK, promoting RealTime Bus Tracking and highlighting the benefits of riding with TANK.
Our team planned an integrated marketing campaign that would reach commuters across different channels throughout their day, including outdoor, digital and radio. This broad-based media strategy spanned across key timeframes and locations to surround commuters before they left for work, during their morning and afternoon commute, and immediately upon arrival at home after their day.

We developed clear, concise messaging that highlighted the ease, convenience and environmental impact of riding TANK, partnered with stunning visuals that connected with and convinced audience members of the value and benefits of TANK and its RealTime Tracking.

Deliverables created include:

  • Integrated Media Strategy
  • Media Planning
  • TV Ads
  • Outdoor Ads
  • Radio & Audio Streaming Ads
  • Targeted Digital Ads
  • Social Media