Last Call Trivia was started in 2007 when founders Adam and Drew saw a niche for great trivia in the Cincinnati market. The 10 years that followed bootstrapped their love of trivia, useless knowledge, time with friends and fierce competition into the seats of hundreds of bars across the country.
Last Call Trivia was pushing towards taking the next step in its business evolution. They built a stellar reputation regionally as the premier provider of live trivia contests for restaurants and bar operators. In addition to solidifying and expanding that base, they were introducing a new Last Call Trivia branded, online product that created a robust, do-it-yourself trivia option. It was time to address the visual aspects of the brand so that Last Call Trivia reflects the high quality, sophisticated, reliable offerings in the market. It was the first step to a full brand makeover.
One of the key insights we discovered about the brand and the diehard trivia players interacting with the brand regularly was the community aspect around it. Last Call Trivia had created a community of clever individuals that thrived on collective brain power and competitive inhibition.
Intrinzic built a cohesive brand toolbox that brought to life the game play to life through the lens of hand crafted graphic assets that showcased their wise and competitive community. We created a robust brand architecture with brand identities for each product, brand guidelines, and a responsive, interactive website that leveraged the brand strategy built.