JUMPER partnered with the Brandery, which is a nationally- ranked startup accelerator that leverages the expertise of the Cincinnati region, namely branding, marketing and design. Intrinzic and JUMPER collaborated together to build a brand that supported and elevated JUMPER’S products, with a goal to increase their probability of success in the active wear market.
JUMPER was founded by a former Army Ranger and an outdoor apparel designer who shared three common beliefs; basic everyday apparel should be great, move from your office to the outdoors as fast as possible and whoever has the most fun wins. When Intrinzic collaborated with JUMPER they had several successful product launches (undershirts, hoodies and sweatpants) on Kickstarter with a loyal consumer base ready for new innovations that were on the horizon. However, JUMPER was missing a robust brand position, strategy, messaging and visual identity that their consumers could strongly connect with.
The overly saturated industry had major players in both comfortable everyday basics and functional performance wear, but there was a space in-between the two for JUMPER to own where adventure and basics come together: Adventure Basics. We built a platform around always being ready for the things you can’t prepare for. The basics are essential. The stretch and flex, the “second skin” feel of JUMPER creates confidence to take on whatever you may face, any activity you take on. Whether it’s a big meeting or jumping from a plane.
Intrinzic, together with JUMPER built a brand around movement and the idea of “un-basics”. Their products are tailored from performance fabrics that are soft, durable and woven with cooling fiber technologies that are anything but basic. The first true un-basics that give you the freedom to run, stretch, bend, leap or fly without hesitation, without judgment, without concern for what anyone else thinks. With JUMPER, you’ll be ready for anything. The brand toolbox Intrinzic built consisted of: key visuals, brand story and messaging, and robust graphic assets that bring to life the duality of the Adventure Basics.